This is Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Villa in Goa and here is your chance to have a look at it from inside

Most of you have surely heard about the lavish lifestyle led by Mr. Vijay Mallya. But do you know how lavish it was? Here is your chance to have a glimpse of his royal lifestyle that he lived and may be still living out there in the UK? Here is the part of the interview Ms. Anjali Rao of Talk Asia magazine took in 2008 when Mr. Mallya was at his peak in business and showmanship.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the sources, the inside of the bungalow in Goa has lawns as far as your eyes can see. This small description itself gives you an idea of how lavish the entire thing would be. Although today Mr. Mallya is on run…. away from the bankers due to his bad times, but back then his lifestyle was none lesser than a king of good times. The recent news of no takers for his bungalow in Mumbai may look little weird but his Goa bungalow should surely get the buyers lined up outside the gate.

kingfisher villa goa from inside-2

This part of the story is the courtesy of the interview of Mr. Mallya by Talk Asia host Ms. Anjali Rao. “For the uninitiated, Vijay Mallya inherited a host of businesses at the “tender age” of 27 and built the Kingfisher brand himself. His villa in Goa is one of his many prized abodes around the world,” says Anjali.

According to Anjali, Mr. Mallya had a private jet (then) which he would call his apartment. (Please do not forget to have a look at the video at the end of this article)


According to Ms. Anjali, Moving on to the luscious, luscious lawns of his villa, about the maintenance of which, Mallya says, “Fortunately, a lot of people in India need jobs, and I look at it as a good opportunity to provide employment.” Based on the narration of Ms. Anjali, Mr. Mallya is not different from other billionaires who have multiple swimming pools in their villas. “This is the pool where we play water basketball, and have some fun, and you know, it’s all a part of the Goan experience,” claims Mr. Mallya.

Here Anjali describes the just-chilling-at-home kind of parties that were organized by Mr. Mallya then. “The New Year’s party typically the sort of has different groups, and this is a very popular place. There’s one group that sort of hangs out here. So, there’s one bar there, and another bar there, another bar down there and yet another there. So, you have these big groups that get formed, and of course, there’s the dance floor that doubles up as a helipad,” says Anjali.

kingfisher villa goa from inside

According to Anjali, “This is probably the only property in Goa that stretches from the main road all the way to the beach, and that explains why it’s so long.”  This statement makes it clear one thing and that is about all the permissions that were allowed then to Mr. Mallya keeping all the CRZ rules at a bay. Today Mr. Mallya may not be in India but his long told stories are still there with us and it will always remain with us for a long time to come.

Source: India Today [/su_expand]


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