Two youth died in the fatal accident that took place in Neura Goa on Sunday late night. According to the sources, both the youth were traveling in the opposite direction whether accident took place. There are stories about the youth doing the stunts on their ‘Super Bikes’ when the collision took place but there is no evidence to support the claims as nobody was around when the accident took place.

According to the sources, Gaurish Bodnekar, 27, the resident of Panaji and Banesh Sawant AKA Bala Sawant from Dongri were doing the stunts (speeding) on their ‘Super Bikes’ and accidentally collided with each other. The impact was so high that, Gaurish died on the spot in the accident while the Bala expired on the way to the hospital.         

According to the another story which is coming up in the media, Gaurish Bodnekar was rising his SuperBike Aprilia and he was not wearing the helmet while the other person Bala Sawant was coming from the opposite side fly off on his superbike due to speed breaker on the way and hit the Gaurish coming from the opposite direction and due to heavy impact Gaurish died on the spot.

After the accident took place Bala was still alive but died on the way to the GMC (Goa Medical College) There are many stories on the various social media about the reason behind the accident but the real reason is not yet known by anyone.


Gaurish was very sweet and helpful person and he was always helping others. he was working at Prime TV as Business Development Officer while the other deceased Banesh Sawant famously known as Bala Sawant was known be a social worker and he belonged to Dongri, said the sources.

The tragic accident took place on the Easter Day at Neura. It was the late night when the accident took place said the sources. The sources have also said that Bala Sawant was also not wearing the helmet and he was speeding when the accident took place. In the speed, he did not see the speed breaker and lost control over his bike and dashed against the Gaurish coming from the opposite direction on his super-bike.   

Both the youth lost their precious lives due to not wherein the helmets while riding the sports bikes which is very powerful. Goa Prism team would like to offer heartfelt condolences to Gaurish Bodnekar who was one of the active members of Goa Prism Page and many images sent by him are unforgettable. May his soul rest in peace and his bereaved family gets the strength to carry on with such unrecoverable loss.



  1. That is a fake story, just don’t make up stories for the sake of ratings, it was not BALA Sawant’s mistake, plz don’t talk if u don’t know properly the Incident

  2. Very tragic. Please wear helmets and seat belts while riding /driving. May good sense prevail among youngsters.
    May the departed souls rest in peace!

  3. worst journalism.. aprilla is not a sports bike, its a normal without gear bike.. no gaurish bodnekar ddnt know any stunts.. it was just a head on collision cz they were fast and cdnt control their speed.. get your facts right before typing crap out here..

    • Nowadays every Tom, Dick, and Harry started teaching Journalism. It has been mentioned in the story that all the information are based on the sources and it is very much possible that certain things can be wrong for which we would appreciate your participation in enlightening the facts and not writing the crap here in the comments window.


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