Tourism Dept to impart training to water sports operators


Panjim,  Feb 27 : The  Department  of  Tourism, Govt. of  Goa  has proposed  to conduct  training programs for  water sport  operators  along Goa’s coastline to  increase its rapid response systems and deal with   incidents and casualties occurring during  excursions  conducted off -shore. The decision to impart such training has dual objectives. The  short term  plan is to  impart training in rescue  and  rehab  operations  to deal with  emergencies  and  untoward incidents  which have  occurred off-shore in the recent past. The  second  and long term  objective is  to  have  more trained  life  guards through  water sport operators along the  coastline and  serve as a force multiplier  during natural  disasters.

Water sports operators will be provided this training free of cost by the tourism department and the training sessions are proposed to begin shortly. The training program is mandatory for all water sports operators conducting adventure activities along the coastline. This decision has been taken n the wake of incidents reported of excursion boats capsizing off shore and drowning cases thereof. One of the recent incidents was reported   off Bat Island.

The  department  has also disclosed  that its  four  hi-speed  boats  which  have been non-operational  will be  put  to  use  for  such  off-shore  rescue and rehab operations. The Minister for Tourism, Shri.  Dilip Parulekar said, “Goa is  projected as a safe holiday destination on and off-shore and  we have seen  that cases  of  drowning  deaths  are declining and  the  target is to  make  it  Zero.”

He further  said, “The plan to  train  water sports  operators     as life guards which will  add more  hands on to the  existing team,   reach out  to  distress calls  in deep  waters and ensure  speedy rescue  and rehab operations.”



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