The Sons of Ponda MLA Ravi Naik Resign from Congress to Join BJP on Thursday

Roy and Ritesh Naik
Roy and Ritesh, The Sons of Congress MLA Ravi Naik

Ravi Naik is considered to be one of the loyal Congress leaders in Goa, but his sons seem to have decided to shift their loyalty by making the practical decision of joining the BJP Party. They are perhaps aware of the present condition of the Congress party whose members are abandoning the ship one by one.

Both the sons of Ponda MLA and senior Congress leader Ravi Naik will be officially joining the BJP on Thursday Evening…

According to the reports, Ponda MLA Ravi Naik’s Sons Roy and Ritesh Naik have decided to join the BJP party on Thursday and to make their journey smoother they have already resigned from all the organisational posts of the Congress Party.

Meanwhile, Ravi Naik had told the media that he has no hold on the decisions made by his sons “Both of them are matured enough to make their own decisions,” he said.


According to the sources, Ritesh has been promised the BJP ticket from Ponda and his brother Roy will get the ticket from either Shiroda or Mayem, although the report did not disclose about the fate of existing MLAs from the said constituencies.

The Shiroda Constituency is presently under the BJP MLA Subhash Shirodkar who left the   

Congress and entered in BJP in the last general election and Mayem constituency is under the former Congress loyalist Praveen Zantye who joined BJP and won the election from Mayem.

The sources have also revealed that Roy Naik will be given the Chairmanship of a Corporation as a reward for his entry into the BJP.

Changing party is normal in the state and as far as the case of Naik bothers is concerned they have not yet started their innings in the political arena. What are your views on this?    


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