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TMC Approaches GFP, Ex-BJP-Ally, To Setup Its Ground in Goan Politics?

GFP in a process of joining hands with Congress did not go well due to laid back nature of the national party.
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TMC Approaches GFP
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TMC who has recently announced its arrival in Goa with a big bang is now looking for the options of associating with the parties and people known for taking up with the BJP and other well known political parties. 

Amid the forthcoming elections, political poaching is on rise in the state of Goa. The former congress loyalist, and Ex-CM of Goa Luizinho Faleiro had joined the Bengal based party recently opening the doors to the strong BJP opponent in Goa. 

According to the reports, the former BJP-ally and president of the Goa Forward Party, Vijai Sardesai is the next target of the TMC for the pre-poll alliance in Goa. Sardesai who joined BJP on the return of DyCm post and had been dropped out of the party due to the anti party activities, now wants to make Goa BJP free. 

With the Agenda of Making Goa BJP free the GFP leader is leaving no stone unturned to get into the possible alliances, and TMC leader finds this is a good opportunity for the TMC to get Goa Forward Party (GFP) president Vijai Sardesai on board in time for the Assembly polls scheduled for early next year. 

Soon after a month old entry into the politics of this tiny state the TMC started its aggressive marketing plan in the state with hundreds of hoarding across the state and connecting with all the rebels of the BJP.  

Following the Falero’s induction into the party in September the Independent legislature Prasad Gaonkar pledged its support to the TMC and soon the hundreds of workers of the Congress, MGP and Shiv Sena joined the league. 

It is learnt that the TMC is now looking to capitalise on the flutter it has created by getting Sardesai on board. Sardesai who was the congress loyalist had joined hands with BJP in the return of DYCM’s post along with 3 of his MLAs now possibly join hands with the TMC as Congress is not seems to be responding to his gestures. 

In the month of July Sardesai had said that he is in process of joining hands with Congress “In Principal” but after getting no positive response he started walking towards the alliance with TMC. 

“If the principal opposition does not want to do it (bring opposition parties together), we will take the lead…” he said giving the hint of possible alliance with the TMC and same is supported by his statement, “Women’s participation can really take the state and the country forward. This is seen in Kolkata. But for this, we need street-fighters.”

The forthcoming visit of Mamata Banerjee to Goa and and meeting of Sardesai with the political strategist Prashant Kishore indicates only one thing and that is GFP leader is opened up itself for the new political alliance.

Meanwhile the other party leaders of the GFP are against the decision of the party supremo as far as the merger with the TMC is concerned. According to them, the merger cum acquisition of the party may not go well with their voters. What do you think about this? 

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