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There is No Change in Leadership in Goa; AAP’s Statement is False and Baseless, Claims Tanavade

According to the state Tanavade, AAP is trying to create the confusions in the minds of people by spreading the wrong information.
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Tanavade and Sisodia
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Following the statement of a senior Aap leader Manish Sisodia about the change on leadership in Goa before the election had created a political ripples in the state but the BJP leader has rubbished the statement ruling out any possibility of the change in leadership. 

According to the state BJP president Sadanand Tanavade, AAP is trying to create the confusions in the minds of people by spreading the wrong information,” said Tanavade adding, there is no change in party leadership in Goa, “We did not discuss the leadership issue during the party meeting in Delhi and the discussions were based on the preparation of election.” 

Senior Aap leader Manish Sisodia made claims on the Monday saying he got to know from the reliable sources that BJP is contemplating the replacement of current chief minister Dr Pramod Sawant ahead of the state assembly elections. 

Sisodia said: “We have learnt from very reliable sources that the BJP is going to change its CM in Goa. Just two months before the Assembly election, it is going to replace Pramod Sawant and appoint a new chief minister. They have done this in Uttarakhand, in Karnataka.”

Sisodia also claimed to be in passion of the documents that made the note of failure of the governance in the tiny state under the administration of Sawant government. The elections are supposed to have take place in the early next year. 

Meanwhile BJP’s Goa election in charge Devendra Fadnavis disclaimed the claim made of Sisodia saying, “It is a false and baseless claim and its like saying AAP will replace Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi.” 

BJP’s 10 Point Failure List

According to Sisodia, BJP leaders in Delhi have made a “10 Point Failure List” which includes the issues such as Mismanagement of Covid situation, Cyclone Tauktae, deteriorating law and order situation and scams. 

There are backlashes in the state of Goa against the existing government and its failure and there is a possibility of Sisodia’s claims having some basis, stated the sources. 

Tanavade’s Stand 

Meanwhile the Goa state BJP president remained firm on his stand saying, no leadership will take such a drastic step that too in the midst of polls which is few months away. 

“Who is AAP to decide on our Party’s decision? No party takes such stand against its leadership before the elections, this is common sense. These are baseless rumours, the meeting was held in Delhi about the election and not change in leadership,” said Tanavade. 

He said that the AAP is just misguiding the people of Goa and they should not fall prey to such rumours. “AAP has always lied to the people of Delhi and they think they can do the same with the people of Goa and that Goans will believe them.”

According to Tanavade the AAP is making such baseless claims to remain in the limelight. AAP’s Dy CM Manish Sisodia talking all this sitting in Delhi about Goa and event if he had to come to Goa and make such claims in press conference, there will be no impact on the BJP Karyakartas as well as the people of the state. “AAP is an opposition party and to remain in the limelight they make such statements,” said Tanavade. 

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