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Goa Opinion Poll Predicts Victory of BJP and Struggle For AAP and Congress

According to the survey BJP is expected to win 19-23 seats, Congress to get 3-7 seats and AAP will open its account in Goa this
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Opinion Poll 2022
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Opinion polls may not be hundred percent correct but to quite an extent it works many times and this time also it is predicting the victory of the Ruling BJP party now it will happen in the election or post election that only time will decide, but according to the opinion poll there is a struggle in the plates of AAP and Congress. 

Congress had a clear mandate from the people of Goa in the last election but they still lost the battle of forming government and BJP come out as final winner. This time AAP is also in the battle ground although last time they were completely wiped out. 

According to the recent survey BJP is expected to win 19 to 23 seats in the forthcoming elections while the Congress may get 3 to 7 seats followed by the AAP who will open its account in Goa this time with 2 to 6 seats. 

The new survey gave BJP a full victory that will comfortably retain the power in Goa for one more time. The polls are suppose to take place in the four states early next year will change the political equations of many political parties this time.

Meanwhile the surgery did not talk much about the regional parties such as MGP and Goa Forward besides the new entrants such as TMC in Goa. The Goa forward and MGP is also planning to file their candidates in most of the constituencies in Goa. 

The survey conducted by the ABP news channel suggested that the congress and AAP will come out as strong opposition in Goa, provided they stay in the opposition this time. 

The November round of the survey gave clear victory to BJP with 19-23 seats, followed by the Congress with 3-7 seats and AAP with 2-6 seats. 

According to the Survey there is one more factor which is called others which may include the regional parties and independent is expected to win 8-12 seats and that may also become the decisive players in forming the government. 

The November survey is somewhere different from the September survey that had predicted 22-26 seats out of total 40 seats in the favour of BJP followed by 4-8 seats for AAP and 3-7 seats for the Congress and the October round of survey predicted the highest 24-28 seats for the ruling BJP, 3-7 for AAP and and the lowest 1-5 for the Congress.

The latest survey if true, clearly talks about the decline in the popularity of BJP and AAP but the victory still remains with the ruling BJP party. What is your opinion? Who do you think will win in this election? What about the aspirations of the regional parties?  

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