Suicide attempt by girl student before the Vice Chancellor of Goa University

In one of the shocking incident that took place in Goa, a girl student from the local college tried attempting the suicide in front of the Vice-Chancellor of the Goa University over the issue of calling an examination null and void. The group of student from Miramar-based college charged into the cabin of VC of Goa University, what happened next, read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The information is based on the news published by the national news agency PTI, according to that, a girl student allegedly attempted to commit suicide on Monday in front of Goa University vice-chancellor Satish Shetye over the declaration of an examination null and void, police said.

According to the sources, the girl along with a group of students had barged into the V-C’s cabin in the morning after the university declared null and void the examination of 108 students from Miramar-based Dhempe College of Arts and Science.

Shetye gave an explanation about the reason behind making the examination null and void according to him the attendance in the classes was less than 75% during the academic year. “And hence the examination which they appeared for becomes null and void,” the VC said.

However, the students were insisting that the examination, should not be scrapped as they were allowed by the college to appear in it by asking them to be present in remedial classes.


“As the heated discussion was going on between the students and the VC, one of the girls allegedly threw a suicide note on his table and pulled out a bottle of poison from her bag,” said Durgadas Kamat, leader of Goa Forward Party, who was spearheading the delegation of students.

Kamat who was the witness to this incident told the media that the fellow student stopped here from taking such drastic step and brought her out of the VC’s cabin. When the media contacted the senior police officials on this issue they informed that the police personnel was present at the spot during the protest and when they came to know about the alleged attempt of suicide by the girl student they brought her out of the cabin. No formal complaint registered in this regards as yet he added.

The attempt of suicide shows only the pressure tactics the students using over the VC to make him reverse his decision. But in the normal circumstances does the less attendance amount into making the examination null and void? If you have more knowledge in this regards please do share with us here.

Source: HT


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