Sudin Dhavalikar Was Removed from Cabinet for Failing to Abide by CMP?

Following the induction of two rebel MLAs into the BJP fold, the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant removed the MGP leader Sudhin Dhavalikar from the cabinet. It is a known fact that the BJP offered the position of deputy chief minister to Mr. Dhavalikar for its three-member strength, but since two managed to separate from party leaving the leader alone there was not much role for him left in the ruling government.

Now the Chief Minister has clarified before the media that, his party was forced to remove Mr. Dhavalikar as he did not abide by the Common Minimum Program laid down by the BJP.

According to the sources, Chief Minister Mr. Pramod Sawant said that he had to drop Mr. Dhavalikar, the deputy CM of Goa, from the cabinet for failing to adhere to the common minimum program of the coalition government.

Mr. Sawant told the media reporters that coalition partners had worked out common minimum programme while forming the government after the demise of Manohar Parrikar. “One of the conditions in Common Minimum Program was that no alliance partner would contest in Shiroda Assembly by-election. But MGP President Dipak Dhavalikar refused to withdraw from Shiroda Assembly Constituency,” he said.

It may be recalled that in the earlier news reports it was mentioned that in the exchange to leaving the Shiroda seat for BJP candidate, the post of deputy chief minister was offered to the MGP leader and that he had agreed to abide by his word given to the BJP high command.   

Following the demise of former CM Parrikar, the high-level meeting was summoned at the five star property situated in North Goa and the allotment of Deputy CM’s post was done on the two assurances, first Mr. Sawant will be made new CM and second MGP will withdraw its candidate from Shiroda Constituency making way for the BJP Candidate.   

“We can’t help him if he sees the interest beyond the party and the State government,” stated Mr. Sawant referring to the stubbornness of Mr. Deepak Dhavalikar on contesting the by-election from Shiroda constituency.

In fact, the warning of splitting two MLAs was given to MGP leader by the BJP high command in the meeting held in a resort in north Goa and he was convinced by BJP leaders to accept the seat of Deputy CM in the return of Shiroda Seat.

Although Sawant made it clear that there is no hands or legs of BJP in the splitting of two candidates. He told the news reporters that the split in MGP was not engineered by BJP or his government.

“Both the MLAs were not feeling comfortable in MGP. They were also apprehensive that they would be removed from the party following the removal of Lau Mamletdar,” he said.

The merger of two MLA into the BJP has increased the strength of the BJP from 12 to 14 in the 36-member House, bringing them on par with Opposition Congress which has an equal number of MLAs on the floor.

Now, the new game of politics will began with both the sides having the similar candidates and MGP Party leaving the alliance. The MGP will now contest the Shiroda seat and also the Lok Sabha elections from both the districts said the sources. There is a good scope for the Congress to break into the government at this juncture where the regional parties have become skeptical. What is your view on this??

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