A Student of MES College Attacked inside the Campus by 3 Youth Over Fake WhatsApp Post

As the social media platform is growing the authenticity of the content is getting diluted. Unless the news comes from the reliable sources, like the authentic news media portals or channels, considering the information is correct is very difficult. Needless to mention that many of the WhatsApp messages, posted in the groups are fake. The readers who read that post has complete freedom to question the authenticity of the post on WhatsApp or any other social media for that matter. But in this case questioning of the authenticity of WhatsApp post had turned into the assault of one 19-year-old student of MES college by some three youth from outside the campus.

Based on the information available from the reliable sources, a 19-year-old student from MES college had been brutally beaten by the group of assailants from Sancoale over the debate on fake WhatsApp message circulated on the WhatsApp group. The most surprising thing here is, the incident of assault took place inside the MES College Campus. The assault took place on Tuesday after the alleged arguments over the so-called FAKE post of a girl being kidnapped, said the sources.               

According to the sources, the area inside the college campus of MES (Murgaon Education Society’s) college at Zuarinagar remained tensed after three boys entered the college premises and assaulted third-year BBA student Prathamesh Shetye. Verna police were called in by the college teachers to take stock of the situation and bring it under control. 

The sources have revealed that the fight originated back from the earlier enmity between the assailants and the victim over the WhatsApp messages. A couple of days back, one of the three attackers had posted a fake message on their WhatsApp group of a girl being kidnapped. Shetye (the victim) informed the group that it was a fake alarm and asked them not to post such things without confirmation. The conversation that followed turned into an argument and then took an ugly turn when it got so bad that the trio arrived at the college to assault Shetye. 


According to the reports, at around Tuesday noon, Diptesh Naik, 26, Sahil Naik, 21 and a 17-year-old, all hailing from Sancoale came down to MES College and hunted out Shetye who was outside his class. Upon finding him, the trio started kicking and punching him. He was even attacked using a steel rod. The news of the fight reached the teachers and principal and soon Verna police were called in, who reached the site before any untoward incident happened. Police took stock of the situation and immediately took the trio into custody. The police have registered a case of assault and are investigating the case.   


Speaking to TOI, MES College, vice chairman Paresh Joshi said that the incident, which took place inside the college campus does not involve any other students in the college or of any other college and it is also not related to any relationship issues. He added that the incident was immediately addressed by the students and teachers of the college and all four was taken to the college principal. He also said that the student of college informed the police about the incident. He added that police was roped in when the third student ‘who looked like a bouncer’ entered the campus with an iron rod.


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