In one of the most shocking incidents of the stabbing of five policemen by one Miranda, suspected to be a mentally unsound person, has raised the concerns over police system in the state. According to the locals of Guirim, the police system itself is responsible for this incident. The mentally unsound man who attacked the police is been residing in Gurim village for quite some and the villagers had complained earlier about his irrational behavior at the Mapusa police station but police did not take any action against him then, which ultimately resulted in the stabbing of policemen.

According to the sources, the mentally unsound man Janario Miranda resident of Dodamarg and presently staying in Guirim village near Mapusa was harassing the locals for a long time but Mapusa Police did not take any visible action against him, this itself shows the way police system works in the state. The villagers are living under the cloud of fear. “He warned us that the moment he comes out the lockup he will take the revenge,” said one local of the local resident.

According to the reports published in the national daily TOI, A man, suspected to be mentally unsound, stabbed the police personnel who were attempting to nab him following complaints of unruly behavior made by the man’s wife. The incident occurred at Guirim on Wednesday evening. Members of the public later thrashed the man before he could harm more persons, police said.         


Five policemen attached to the Mapusa police station had rushed to the site after a woman complained that her husband was moving around armed with a knife staging attack on people and had even stabbed a cow in the vicinity. It took the two PSIs and three constables deputed to find the man more than an hour to locate him as he had hidden. When the policemen spotted him and approached him with the intention of questioning him, he attacked them with a knife and injured them, said the sources.       

PSI Ilidio Fernades suffered injuries to his hand while PSI Dipesh Shetkar suffered a shoulder injury. Constables Ershad Vatangi, Divesh Goltkekar, and Rajesh Kandolkar were also injured. All the five policemen and the man were admitted to the North Goa District Hospital. Except for Shetkar and the accused man, the others were discharged after first aid. Meanwhile, the police gave the accused a certificate of being mentally unstable.

The villagers feel that this man should be debarred from the vicinity and sent back to his original place “Dharbadora” where he belongs since he can be dangerous for the lives of the people in the village but the police seem not having any such plans at the moment.


One of the local residents told the media that, fifteen days before Miranda (the unsound accused) had created the nuisance in the vicinity, “15 days back this man had vandalised the holy cross belonging to a chapel nearby and at that time we all villagers came together and lodged a complaint with Mapusa police but police just summoned him and did not take any serious action against the accused. Even that time police said he is mentally unsound and no action is possible,” said one local resident of Gurim.


The nonaction of police on the earlier complaint lodged by the Gurim locals had finally resulted in the attack on policemen today claims the villagers. Man of that dangerous nature cannot be neglected by police just calling him mentally unsound. If he can attack the police with a knife you can only imagine the fate of the residents of that locality. There is a serious need of improvement in the police system in the state. if you wish to leave your comments on this serious issue please go ahead.                   



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