Speeding Car Rams into Four Vehicles at Quepem Leaving 25-year-old Youth Dead on the spot

Driving on the road in Goa have become unsafe with the time. Road accidents every day leading to several fatalities have become a daily routine in the state. It does not matter how safe you drive or ride on the road, some crazy person behind the wheels can change your fate. This is happening due to the lack of fear of punishment amongst the people. Everyone knows that the accident culprits get bail easily, and they also manage to walk out scot-free in the court. The accident that took place on Thursday evening at Quepem which lead to the death of a youth, was the result of crazy and rash driving of the car driver, who banged into several vehicles before killing the 25-year-old Junaid Korawale from Quepem.   

According to the sources, The speeding car hit four vehicles including two four wheelers and two bikes on Thursday evening on the Curchorem – Quepem highway. The car after ramming into the parked four wheeler loaded with the marble slabs dashed against the ongoing two-wheeler causing grievous injuries to its rider, a 25-year-old Junaid Korawale that resulted into his death on the spot.

The victim Korawale, who was riding a bike, flung in the air and fell in the gutter following an impact. He sustained fatal head injuries that lead to his instant death. The accident occurred at Tanki in Xeldem. Police said that Korwale was headed to Tilamol in Quepem when the car moving in the same direction crashed into him.

According to the police, there were two 2 wheelers involved in this accident and one the accident victim was shifted to the Hospico Hospital in Margao with serious injuries. Quepem police inspector (PI) Brutano Pexeioto said that the driver of the car has been arrested for rash and negligent driving. Police sources said Korawale’s body has been taken to Hospicio for postmortem.

Despite all the efforts of Goa Traffic Police, the road accidents are on the rise in the state, and the main reason behind this is, lack of traffic sense amongst the people of Goa, which Traffic police have failed to create. If you take a close look at the situation, you will realise that the traffic police is more interested in issuing the challans, and collecting money, instead of spreading an awareness amongst the people of Goa.

Meanwhile, the locals have blamed the condition of the road in the vicinity due to which regular accidents takes place in that locality. The people of the area also talking about the regular parked vehicles on that narrow road which leads to the accidents. It seems there is a dealer of Marble tiles on the roadside due to which the big tempos remained parked on the road. Hence the road widening and speed breakers are not the only solution to these incidents, but also irregular parking needs to be taken care of. What are your views on this serious issue?

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