The Somali Pirates keeps striking every now and then but till date, there are no provisions have been made by any progressive governments to deal with them. Why? We don’t have an answer for it. Although sources claim that the instances of Somali Pirates strikes have gone down substantially over past few year.

Pirates do exist and that has been proved every time Somali Pirates strikes and takes the charge of loaded ships. Are they really Somali or in disguise someone else is playing the game is not yet known. According to the sources, Instances of Somali pirates striking have come down considerably over the past few years, helping India convince the insurance bodies to do away with a high-risk premium the trade was paying.    

A cargo ship with 11 Indian crew members on board has been hijacked by pirates off the Somalian coast, officials from the Directorate General of Shipping said today. “It is not a big ship but a dhow. It was hijacked yesterday and is now sailing towards the shore of Somalia,” DGS Malini Shankar told PTI.

The instances of Somali Pirates strikes have gone down substantially over past few year. (SOURCE)

The sources have revealed that the Indian-flagged ship was on a voyage from Dubai to Yemen when it was hijacked, she said, adding that it had 11 Indian crew members on board. Shankar said the pirates are interested in the cargo on the ship and have not put forward a ransom demand so far, adding that the details of the cargo are not known yet.

There is a possibility of the vessel being released without the cargo once it reaches the shore this evening, she said. The sources although said that the details of the Cargo are not known as yet.



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