Smriti Irani Convoy accident case, Son of deceased writes to President

The son of an Agra-based doctor who died after he was allegedly hit by one of the vehicles in Union Minister for HRD Smriti Irani’s convoy has written a letter to the president of India Pranab Mukherjee stating that he was forced by the station in charge to mention the registration number of the wrong car in the FIR. If this is the truth then it is the height of the political power that ministers enjoy now a day. Read the complete story here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by the leading media in India, Smriti Irani’s convoy accident case has taken a new twist with the Son of a deceased doctor coming out with the claim he was forced to change his statement by the station in charge at the police station asking him to mention the wrong registration number of car in FIR.

According to the sources, an Agra-based doctor who died on the night of March 5 after he was being allegedly hit by one of the vehicles in Union HRD minister Smriti Irani’s convoy. The Son of deceased doctor wrote a letter to the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee stating that he was forced by the station in charge to mention the registration number of a wrong car in his FIR.

The leading national daily TOI (Times of India) has claimed that they have the copy of a letter written by Abhishek Nagar, son of deceased doctor Ramesh Nagar who is seeking the justice from President. It reiterates a charge he made earlier that Irani was “insensitive” to the family after the accident and had not done much to help them even when they “begged her with folded hands”. The minister has denied that the car was part of her convoy.

As reported by the TOI, the daughter of Dr. Nagar, 12-year-old Sandli, who was riding pillion on her father’s motorcycle that day, and on whose account the FIR had been lodged at the Manth police station, had said she “clearly” saw Irani as the latter got down to check the commotion. Although Smriti Irani had denied the allegations saying that the car which met with an accident was not the part of her convoy. In a way to facilitate Irani’s statement, Mathura police released a statement that the hit-and-run vehicle was “clearly” not a part of Irani’s cavalcade.


According to the sources, Abhishek has warned that his family will sit on an indefinite Dharna if no action has been taken against Irani. “After the car in the minister’s convoy hit my father, killing him on the Yamuna Expressway, the driver fled while Irani left for New Delhi, leaving the body of my father beside the two injured minors. I was later forced to mention the registration number of the vehicle as DL 3C BA 5315 in the FIR.But that’s a car I have never seen. If such a car with that number plate does exist, I would like to see it. The station in-charge of Manth police station refused to register the case if I didn’t mention the number in the FIR. The inspector claimed that he had seized the car, but was reluctant to show it,” he wrote.

When media asked the deputy superintendent of police about the allegations leveled by doctor’s son, the circle officer of Manth, Janak Singh said that “Nobody forced the doctor’s son to write the said car’s number in the FIR. It was he who gave the Delhi-registered car’s number in the written complaint.” Singh, however, avoided a direct answer when asked if the police had shown the said vehicle that was involved in the accident as requested by Abhishek.

Source: TOI


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