Six Foreign national women rescued in sex racket escaped from Government protective home Merces

In one of the most shocking incident, nine women rescued in the sex racket including six foreign nationals managed to escape from the government protective home Merces. According to the sources, all the nine women were rescued by police from the prostitution business. The six escaped foreign national women belonged to Turkmenistan, Bangladesh & Nepal said the sources. According to the police, they managed to nab three out of nine within few hours of escape. How these women managed to escape from the secured protective home? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Based on the available information from the reliable sources, the incident took place on Monday night. At around 8.30pm on Monday the women tied down the female constable on duty and escaped from the protective home by jumping the wall however the vigilant driver on duty at protective home informed police about the incident and due to swift action from Old Goa Police three girls out of nine were detained in a short span of time.

The Director of Women and Child Development has confirmed the information of escape to the media on Tuesday Morning stating that six foreign nationals out of which four belongs to Bangladesh, one from Uzbekistan and rest one is from Nepal are still at large.

According to the information provided by the Old Goa police inspector Krishna Sinari, the incident took place at around 8.30pm on Monday night wherein the escort staff of the protective home went calling the women for dinner but only four out of the nine rescued girls followed the escort staff while five remained in the room. After realizing that five are missing the escort staff went back to call them for dinner they pulled her into the room and tied her with the rope.

Subsequently, the lady constable on duty heard the commotion and went to the rescue of lady escort but the five women managed to pull her also inside and tied her along with the lady escort. The five women then managed to snatch the keys from the constable and fled the scene. Looking at the five women escaping remaining four also joined the gang, narrated the police sources.


The Director of Protective home Ms. Shinde told the media that after obtaining a report from the Superintendent of the home, a detailed inquiry will be conducted in this case. Meanwhile, this is not the first case of great escape but there are many such cases that took place in the past too. According to sources, the condition of the protective home is very poor with no proper maintenance. The internal security is also not very strong with several security lapses. The escape of nine women has presented the great challenge in front of the protective home management.

Source: Various sources


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