Will put the Corrupt People in Jail even if they belongs to AAP, Claimed Arvind Kejriwal in Public Rally

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AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal has made a claim that AAP will putt the corrupt politicians behind the bar after it gains the power in Goa. he made the claim that BJP is more corrupt than the previous government (Congress) and both the parties have an internal understanding (setting) and that is why there is an absence of active opposition exists in the Goa state legislative assembly. There is no one question the corrupt BJP leaders about their misdeeds he said. Mr. Kejriwal was speaking at the Public Rally in Benaulim, 45km from the capital city of Goa.

“Ask any Goan, he will tell only one thing that, BJP is more corrupt than their precedes, the Congress party. As I said earlier, they have a silent understanding between them. In the 2012 election Mr. Manohar Parrikar went door to door exhibiting the Shah report and making the claim of putting all the culprits behind the bar but after the five year’s time, not a single corrupt politician had been put behind the bars,” said Mr. Kejriwal adding that “After the election BJP forgot about the Shah commission report and shook hands with corrupt Congress.”

Kejriwal made the allegations that during their five year’s tenure BJP had attained the pinnacle of corruption in the state and Congress sitting in the opposition had never objected to it. This shows the internal setting prevailing in both the parties, he said. According to Mr. Kejriwal both, Congress and BJP are playing the friendly match, wherein one term will be ruled by BJP and second by congress and this can be stopped only by bringing the AAP to the power in Goa. “The election of 4th February will end the friendly match going on between BJP and Congress,” he said.

Kejriwal said that both the parties are under pressure at present and they are making all the efforts to make sure that AAP does not win this poll, but they will fail. “Both the parties have lost their confidence and have come together to make sure the defeat of AAP as they know if AAP comes to power the corrupt leaders of both the parties will go to the bars and I will make that sure,” he said claiming that they are corrupt and AAP is honest political party.

AAP supremo is in the state to address several public rallies in Goa as a part of AAP’s campaigning for the forthcoming election. Kejriwal also made the claim that in case anyone brings the proof that anyone AAP candidate is corrupt their tickets will be canceled within 24 hours. “None of the AAP candidates is corrupt, characterless or communal and if you feel someone has bad records please bring the proof of same to me and I will cancel his or her ticket within 244 hours time. I assure that I will cancel the ticket of such candidate even 24 hours before the election we don’t mind leaving that seat empty,” he said.


Meanwhile, the CM candidate of AAP Mr. Elvis Gomes raised the issue of land grab by government to make the national highway in the state of Goa. “BJP government is promoting the dictatorship and I promise that if elected to power AAP will restore the democracy back into the state,” said Mr. Gomes. BJP is fooling the people of Goa. One side they (BJP) speak about the social status and other side selling the Goan land to the outsiders, he claimed.


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