Who will be the Winner of 2017 Assembly Polls? BJP, MGP, Congress or AAP Making Claims of winning 21 seats

In 40 seat Goa assembly, all the major political parties are claiming of winning the election with Majority and the possibilities of the alliance with each other has been completely ruled out by them. Mainly, BJP, MGP, Congress and AAP have decided to not to form an alliance with each other as they have complete confidence in winning minimum 21 seats in the 40 seat Goa assembly in the forthcoming assembly polls.

In one of the interviews with the Prudent media, the AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal made the claim that his party (AAP) will win the 2017 polls with complete Majority in Goa and question of alliance with BJP or Congress is completely ruled out by him. When asked, in the case of diversity will he get into the alliance with the other political parties (Congress or BJP) to form the government, he denied saying, “Such situation will never arise and our party will gain a complete majority in the 2017 polls.”

Meanwhile on Tuesday the MGP leader and CM candidate of BBSM+MGP+Shiv Sena alliance, Mr. Sudin Dhavalikar had made a formal announcement of an alliance with BBSM and Shiv Sena. This alliance comes as destruction force against the ruling party said the sources. In the meeting, Mr. Dhavalikar told the media that they (MGP) will get the majority this time and they will only form the next government in the state. When media asked him about the possibility of an alliance with BJP incase they do not get the majority, Mr. Dhavalikar said that the question of alliance with BJP does not arise at all as they (MGP+BBSM+Shiv Sena) are bound to win this election with a complete majority. “MGP will form the next government in the state,” said.   

Babush Monseratte has started his door to door campaigns from Panaji and city and he is sure of winning the Panaji seat and he made an announcement of the same into the media yesterday. “What happened in the past 25 years, people of Panaji knows very well. So I feel that Panaji needs a change. I humbly request to the people of Panaji to give me just five years and see how I change the face of Panaji,” said Babush adding that there is nothing like anyone having the strong hold in Panaji as such. According to Babush every candidate finally needs to work. When media asked him (Babush) whether he will support the BJP in case they (BJP) forms the government this time, Babush said, “There is no question of BJP forming a government this time as there is a clear anti-BJP wave in the state.”

There is no doubt that the fight this time will be very tough between the main national parties which include, BJP, Congress and AAP etc. and also amongst the regional parties like, MGP, Goa Forward and UGDP and others. The final government will be formed only with the support of allies. According to the present structure, the supporting allies are


MGP with BBSM and Shiv Sena

Congress with Goa Forward and UGDP

AAP will go alone

BJP has no ally at the moment

Who will win 21 seats is still remains the question mark. In case you have any idea of the same please do share the same with here.             

Goa Prism News Reporter

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