Pimps adapting to new methods to trick cops

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As Goa has recently experienced many cases of Women Trafficking and prostitution it has become a difficult task now for the Goa police to arrest the pimps involved in such rackets. The reason according to Goa police is that the man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them are now adopting different ways to operate this racket and thereby also avoid getting caught by the police. Hence arresting them has become a challenge for Goa police. Here’s police officers explain how these pimps are running sex racket nowadays. Read the important report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] As said by the police it is evident from the fact that not all police raids have been successful as the main reason is there is a change in the method of operations of the pimps. They have started working separately following different strategies to avoid being caught by the police. The pimps now ask the girl (victim) herself to hire a taxi, meet the customer at a decided place and then collect the money, what pimps used to do taking the girl along earlier.

Anyay Rahit Zindagi (ARZ) is the Nodal NGO for an anti- human trafficking unit of the Goa police. Arun Pandey, director of ARZ said, “Earlier, the pimps used to come, deliver the girl to a prospective customer and collect the money. Later, they (pimps) adopted a new style of functioning. The girls were sent along with the driver (taxi) and the driver used to collect money from the customers.” This has turned out to be a challenge for the cops to catch hold of the pimps owing to a change in method of their operation.

Pandey further said “Now it has come to light that there is a change in the modus operandi in order to avoid getting caught by the police. Once the customers contact the pimps, they ask girls to hire a taxi and go to a designated location. The money also is collected by the girls themselves.” He has also stated that it is not impossible to crack down on such persons provided there is a proper investigation.

According to Pandey, there could be around 100 pimps operating in the state and especially those who were caught earlier keep on changing their method of operation with their experiences.

As per the reports on an average around 100-150 girls are rescued every year from prostitution in Goa. According to the police even though persons associated with the prostitution are nabbed, the main accused hardly come into the picture.

Utmost care is been taken by these pimps before handling the deal as by now they know how the police raids are conducted and how the fake customers are used by the police. The Police officer said that “Pimps tend to crosscheck with the hotel where the customer claims to have stayed. Pimps also make use of true caller (software) to ascertain the name of the customer and even check the social networking websites to ascertain the identity of the customer.”

Pimps go forward with the deal only after they are satisfied that it is not a police trap to raid them said police officer adding, that pimps frequently tend to change their plans and the destination.  “After this, a taxi is hired and the girls are dropped at some distance short of the designated place. Then the customer has contacted again,” claimed the police officer.

The main accused is difficult to nab as it is the subordinate pimps who run the entire show. It happens sometimes that even the technology using mobile phones to track the accused fails, as the SIM cards are used by them with fake identity proofs. The police officer claimed that “They carry multiple mobiles as well as SIM cards, which can be easily obtained in a fraudulent manner in some states in North India.”

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