On their way to Goa, 7 youths meet with a deadly accident in Belagavi

It may not be always that rash driving causes an accident but sometimes the non-maintenance of the vehicle also results in the mishaps. This accident took place due to the tyre burst of the vehicle and there are different contradictory reports one newspaper says that the 7 youth who were on their way to Goa in an SUV when one of the tyres of SUV burst resulting into a deadly accident, while other reports say something different. Let us take a look at what exactly happened.   

According to the reports on the Times of India, Seven youths from Maharashtra heading towards Goa died in a road accident after one of the tyres of their SUV burst and the vehicle crashed into a truck in Belagavi around Sunday noon.     

Police said the team of seven was from Aurangabad and the accident occurred near Srinagar Garden here on Pune-Bengaluru National Highway.

According to the reports, The seven youths left Aurangabad in a Mahindra SUV on Saturday and visited the deity of Mahalakshmi in Kolhapur on Sunday morning before heading towards Belagavi. The SUV suffered a tyre burst and turned wobbly, before jumping the median and ramming a truck coming in the opposite direction.     


Another report published in a national daily The Hindu stated that the accident took place as the car in which they were traveling hit a road divider and rammed a truck on the Pune-Bangalore National Highway on the outskirts of Belagavi. Police Commissioner Lokesh Kumar and Deputy Commissioner of Police Yashuda U. visited the spot. A case has been registered.

The Deccan Herald reported that the victims were heading to Goa after visiting Kolhapur. The accident occurred after the driver of the speeding Mahindra TUV lost control following the tyre burst. The car jumped the median and collided with a truck coming in the opposite direction. …

Five of them died instantly, and two at KLE Hospital here. The deceased have been identified as Nandu Pawad, 28, Amol Nile, 26, Suresh Kanhere, 29, Amol Chavare, 26, Mahesh Chavare, 28, Mahesh Padale, 25, and Gopal Patil, 27. The car was completely damaged in the accident.

Roadtrip selfies posted by the youths on Facebook are viral on social media.

Image Source : Coastal Mirror

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