Distressed Wife Beats Her Husband to Death Over Domestic Abuse in Goa

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There are numerous cases of the domestic (violence) abuse in our country, but most of the time these cases never see the light of justice, and mostly the ladies suffering from the domestic abuse keeps living with the same thinking it’s their destiny. But here the case is a little different. To save herself from the domestic abuse a wife of a Naval Officer stationed at Varunapuri in Vasco Da Gama hammered her husband to death.

The deceased, an Indian Navy Navy Staffer, succumbed to his injuries when his wife beat him to death while he was in a deep sleep. According to the NDTV report, A women married to an Indian Navy Ground Officer was charged for murder after she beat her husband to death by hitting him with heavy kitchen equipment after allegedly suffering the domestic abuse.

There are various versions in the media as how the sequence of events happened and the murder took place. According to the sources, the woman called neighbours to her home after her husband started beating her up again. But after he went off to sleep drunk, the woman used a piece of heavy kitchen equipment allegedly to hammer his head until he died.

Another report published in the Times of India claimed that the quarrel between husband and wife resulted into the physical assault of the wife due to which she suffered injuries and when the deceased (husband) went to sleep after consuming alcohol, the accused (wife) snatched a wooden stick and struck her husband across his head.


Yet another report published on the Scroll states that the neighbours told the police that the man had a habit of beating his wife, and was an alcoholic. “That evening he had walked in drunk and had picked a quarrel with her,” said the sources.

“He has also broken the cooler and thrown things on her. In the night when he slept, her anger got better of her, and she hammered him till she calmed down. Since he was already drunk he could not respond, and also fell off the bed.”

The deceased man has been identified as Kaushalendra Singh, who was working as an aircraft handler at the INS Hansa, a naval base in South Goa’s Vasco sub-district, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunita Sawant.

“According to statements given by the neighbours, the deceased used to beat his wife after drinking alcohol,” Mr. Sawant told reporters in Panaji.   

The deceased Kaushalendra Singh was later taken to a naval hospital but was declared dead on arrival. “Post mortem shows 12 to 14 deep injuries on the head and a lot of blood loss. We have recorded the statement of the woman and she is under arrest,” Mr Sawant said.

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