Nirbhaya case repeated in Kerala, 29 year old law student raped and brutally murdered

The house where Jishamol was murdered (Photo source : DC)

In the most shocking incident that took place in Kerala in which a 29-year-old ‘Dalit’ law student was raped and murdered brutally by unknown persons. The prima facie reports confirmed the rape while the lab reports are awaited to confirm the same, quoted media. The more shocking thing is, this incident aberrantly took place almost five days back and all the national media came up with the reports on this in today’s edition. The concern over here is what they waited for so long? Is that because the girl was Dalit? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Based on the news published by most of the national and international news media channels in their today’s edition, a 29-year-old law student was raped and murdered brutally at her place near Perumbavoor in Kerala. One of the media quoted that “Even four days after a Dalit girl was brutally raped and murdered in her house in Iravichira near Perumbavur, the cops are yet to get any solid lead on the attackers while various social activists and political parties have come out in the open demanding a foolproof probe,” (the source: Deccan Chronicles)

This is very shocking, as there is no clue what the police is waiting for people have taken up this issue over the Social Media The name of the girl is given as Jisha, 29 year LLB student from Perumbavoor, Kerala.

According to ‘The Huffington Post’ () “With the police failing to identify the culprits who raped and brutally murdered a 30-year-old Dalit woman at her residence in Kerala even five days after the incident, the opposition attacked the state government for ‘inaction’ in the case.” Jisha’s body was found lying in a pool of blood at 8 PM by her mentally challenged mother when she returned back home from her daily menial job.

“It was a brutal murder. There were stab injuries on her body. We suspect she was subjected to smothering and strangulation,” Yadav said. He, however, refused to share details about the investigation claims the report.


Meanwhile according to the news published by ‘The Hindu’, Kerala police have ruled out the gang rape of the victim claiming that they have taken three suspects in the custody. “The special investigation team (SIT) of Ernakulam rural police probing the murder of the 29-year-old Dalit woman from Perumbavur on Tuesday, took into custody three suspects, including a neighbor of the victim.” Police have quoted that this action is taken on the basis of the statements of the eyewitnesses. Despite arresting three people the top police officials in Kerala are saying that there is no gang rape and she was murdered by just one person.

The horrifying report of her murder and postmortem is published by the Zee News claims that the murder was so brutal the killers had completely mutilated her body with her intestines popping out. “There were around 30 injuries on the student’s body. A deep wound on her neck was visible. The post-mortem report also suggested that the injury in her head caused her sudden death,” claimed the report.

A report by Mathrubhumi said the victim was beaten savagely using a sharp weapon. The autopsy report also suggested that the two sides of her chest were pierced to almost two inches deep using a sharp knife. She was also hit in the genitals with an iron rod.


The people are protesting and the police are still investigating. Will this matter also be prolonged just like Nirbhaya case? Will the culprits go to the court asking for relief? Or the investigation end up making this case also weak enough to fall off the court? People will take up this case on the social media and after some time, it will be forgotten just like Nirbhaya. Please do not forget to leave your comments on this serious issue.

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