Lockdown 4.0 will Begin from 18th May, Goa Might Get more Relaxation said CM

Lockdown 4.0 in Goa

The existing lockdown which is getting over on the 17th May will now culminate into Lockdown 4.0 which will begin from 18th May 2020 said Goa CM while talking to the press reporters post video conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This makes it clear that the Lockdown is here to stay for some more time.

Goa is the only state in India that is declared green zone with no single positive case of Coronavirus deleted since 3rd May onwards.

According to Mr Pramod Sawant, the Lockdown 4.0 which begins from 18th May will have limited restrictions since the states will have powers to take their decisions during the lockdown 4.0.

“Only the people of Goa can help to keep in the “Green Zone” by maintaining the social distancing and sanitisation,” said Mr Sawant.

Mr Sawant denied the opening of the borders for tourist or other business-related activities to avoid any possibilities of spread of the coronavirus into the state.

“We will not be allowing any free movement from outside the state and hence we will not commence the interstate transport as yet,” he said adding that there are limited movements allowed based on the strict checking.

“If we found out that anyone is taking advantage of the situation and entering the state from the backdoor, will not hesitate to take strict action against the concern persons, we may even put them behind the bars.”

Lockdown 4.0 in Goa 2

When reporters asked Mr Sawant about the school examination he replied saying that the examinations of the SSC will go on as per the schedule, about the sitting arrangement and other things he asked them to wait until the 3rd lockdown gets over.

The beginning of the 4.0 lockdown will surely bring some more relaxation in the state business and services and there is a possibility that the restaurants may reopen in the state.

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