Murder At Curchorem Goa – Man stabs his wife to death suspecting infidelity


Perhaps, the major issue of a rift in relationships is the doubting once fidelity. The nuptials ties are based on the trust and if that trust breaks everything falls apart. The case that took place in Curchorem is a perfect example of this. According to the sources, a man stabbed his wife to death suspecting infidelity. The name of the accused is given as Mandanath Bhandari, a resident of Mirabag in Curchorem.

According to the available information from the reliable sources, one Mandanath Bhandari has been arrested by the Curchorem Police for killing his wife Manjusha (27) suspecting infidelity. The police sources have said that Mandanath had stabbed his wife Manjusha several times thereby killing her on the spot.

The incident said to have taken place on a Thursday evening at their residence in Mirabag, Curchorem. The reason behind this act is said to be the doubting nature of Mandanath who thought his wife is having an illicit relationship with another man. Although his point has not been proved yet.

The sources have revealed that Manjusha and Mandanath have two daughters out of their marriage. The body of the deceased have been sending to GMC for the postmortem while the accused in under arrest. The case under section 302 has been registered against the accused and further investigations are underway said the sources.

The doubting over the once fidelity is a mental decease and it has no cure. The person who suffers from this decease needs serious counseling. Here, in this case, the act of this man has eliminated one person and two innocent souls (their daughters) are at the receiving ends here. If the above incident is considered as an example then many people may take lessons from this.



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