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More Than 6000 Fully Vaccinated People Tested Positive For Covid Infection in Mumbai

Being fully vaccinated does not make you completely immune to Covid Infection and hence the Government keeps telling follow the SOP.
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6000 Fully Vaccinated People Tested Positive For Covid Infection in Mumbai
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While experts and doctors suggest that once a person is fully vaccinated against Coronavirus, their chances of catching the virus becomes low provided they are safer in their surroundings, and follow full safety protocols. 

Even after getting themselves fully vaccinated, more than 6000 people have been tested covid positive in Mumbai. These people would have been probably celebrating the fact that they are vaccinated until they would have realized their positive report.

Such cases are referred to as breakthrough infections, indicating that the virus has been able to break through the defenses created by the vaccine.  Civic officials say it is well understood that no vaccine provides 100 percent protection from any disease, meaning there are breakthrough cases for all kinds of vaccines including Covid-19 vaccines. 

A senior doctor from the civic health department said the civic body’s data collection exercise was two-pronged. They had asked all hospitals to track Covid patients who had been hospitalized in their hospitals. At the same time, its war rooms were tasked with contacting patients in home isolation at the time to collect information. 

In a conventional vaccine timetable, it would literally take experts years to develop a vaccine. At this early stage, it is difficult to say that any vaccine would be full-proof. Scientists and doctors now require more data and strong pharmacovigilance to get a better insight into their effectiveness. 

Better and more effective vaccines will be eventually developed that will reduce the rate of breakthrough infections, he said.

It is observed that most people who caught the virus after getting fully vaccinated are experiencing mild symptoms while only some require ICU care. Gomare also highlighted that till now there has been no official information on the number of fatalities on the individuals who got both doses.

An official said in a statement, “These numbers indicate that vaccines are effective in preventing serious infection in a majority of the population. The absolute numbers may rise once hospitalized patients are accounted for. That data is being compiled.”

Official reports also confirm that no vaccine gives 100% protection against disease, be it the covid-19 vaccine or any other vaccine. The work these vaccines do is to reduce the intensity with which the virus or disease attacks our body. This prevents serious illnesses and reduces the chances of fatalities. 

One of the Infectious diseases experts, who is also a member of the Covid task force Dr. Om Srivastava says that right now it is actually too early to say whether the vaccine is effective or not. 

To know the exact effects and level of safety after getting fully vaccinated, we will have to wait, observe and follow up for around three years, but that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t take vaccines. 

The vaccination process should continue in full swing and everyone should follow the protocol together. When the time comes, a booster dose should also be taken, he said.

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