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Las Vegas Experience Promoted by Casinos in Goa is Creating Hangover Amongst Tourists?

The Las Vegas experience promised by the Casinos floating in the Mandovi River is creating a hangover amongst the group of tourists who give up
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Las Vegas Casino
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Rather than lazing on the beach or collecting raindrops on one’s collarbones, or taking goofy pictures, here is the story of a group who ended up at one of those floating vessels that promised the Las Vegas experience. Add was it something…

The beginning sounds interesting, When they called to book the room, the Casino’s call-center employees gave them incredibly precise styling instructions, as if they were being allowed to join an undisclosed cosmopolitan, but a uber-exclusive club.

No bare feet. There is no beachwear. There will be no pretending to order a martini as Mr. Bond. Unfortunately, even getting to the casino was difficult, as a large group of us were squeezed onto a shaky-looking ferry.

When they arrived, all shaky from the journey, they were greeted with massive lines to collect or even buy their chips; lines may be a nightmare for some. They were forced to navigate crowds after collecting the chips.

Once inside, it became clear that the long lines at the counter for the chips were not an exception but the norm.

Everything had serpentine lines – buying chips, getting a drink, finding a table, playing blackjack – it was impossible to move, let alone gamble, with everyone packed in like sardines. Finally, they decided to go out to eat, in a setting that could easily be the main attraction at the Basic North Indian Wedding.

All of the usual suspects were present. Orange paneer sandwiched between shahi, butter, lababdar, or pasanda. The rotis were tough enough to serve as bulletproof vests. And sugar mounds masquerading as pastries.

It wasn’t just the food but experiences of drunk uncles snickering at sexual innuendos, that were aggravating. After that, they went to the gambling room, where we were reintroduced to another tradition – over-drinking.

They eventually returned to the gambling room after realizing that eating or drinking was out of the question. But, once again, it turned out to be a parade of endless lines and closed machines.

They decided to leave because they were fed up with the experience, but even that is as difficult as leaving Ukraine. It was later revealed that they were unable to leave and would have to wait for a ferry to arrive, which did so after 30 agonizing minutes. 

So take something away from this and do yourself a favor. Relax on the beach. Pour yourself a few beers or whatever you want. Enjoy the surf and sand, go bar hopping, try authentic delicacies, or pose on the fort. You have many options for reminiscing about your time in Goa. Apart from going to casinos. 

Photo by Javon Swaby

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