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Caught Driving Without Driving License and RC Book? Don’t Worry, Do This Immediately

Driving without a driving license and RC book is an offense under the Motor Vehicle Act and police can fine you heavily besides putting you
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Many times it happens that we get out of the home to go to office or on long drive in hurry and forget to carry our driving license and most of the people driving vehicles on the road may not have their RC books with them, but do you that this is a punishable offices under section 180 of the Motor Vehicle Act? And the person violation this rule is liable to pay the fine of Rs 5000 along with the jail time of 3 moths? If you are not aware then its high time you read this article and learn how to save yourself. 

You may be driving on the road without the RC book and sometimes without carrying your valid license and the traffic police has not stopped you yet, don’t take it for granted because everything starts from the moment you get caught by the police violating the rules. 

As per the rule, it is mandatory to carry the original copy of your driving license every time with you along with the copy of the RC book should be kept in your vehicle all the time, it becomes a lifesaver during the time of traffic checking by the police. 

In the absence of the above, the traffic police can take action against you and a challan can be issued to you to pay hefty fines besides your driving license getting suspended and the possibility of you getting arrested and sent to jail.

But there is a way out from all these and that is via making good use of technology. According to the new development, providing a soft (digital) copy of your license and RC Book can save you from lots of trouble and the police will be not able to issue you the challans. 

Now the question is, how to do that? It is very simple, follow the following steps and you are all set. The best way to keep the digital copies of the Driving license and RC book handy is by uploading them in the Digilocker or M-Partivartan app. The documents stored in these two places are validated by the government. 

Section 180 of The Motor Vehicle Act

Under section 180 of the Motor Vehicle Act, if a person is found driving the vehicle without a driving license, he or she can be fined upto Rs 5000 along with the suspension of license and a jail term of 3 months. Earlier the law was very lenient with only a 500 rupees fine for this offense but now things have changed and you need to be extra careful. 

Having the registration certificate is more important as the fine for not carrying your registration certificate is Rs 10,000 and 3 months jail term. So, in case you forget to carry both your RC book and License the total fine can come upto 15 thousand rupees. 

The New Rule Under IT Act 2020

The Government has made a provision for the people to obtain the Driving License and RC Book through DigiLocker app from the respective RTO and the verified documents from the DigiLocker can be used in the place of the original Driving License and RC Book when the police stop you for checking your documents. 

According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways under the Information Technology Act, 2000 RT-11036/64/2017/MV now you can keep your driving license and RC book in the DigiLocker or M-Parivartan app as a legal and original document and the same can be produced in the event of checking done by the police.   

How To Use The DigiLocker?

The DigiLocker system has been developed by the Government to upload and store all types of  Government documents in one place and it is very safe. To use the DigiLocker, you first need to install the DigiLocker app on your smartphone alternatively you can also visit the website     


To use it, first of all, you have to install the DigiLocker app on the phone. Or you can visit the DIGILOCKER website here. Once you install the app on your phone, you need to signup in the app with your 12-digit AADHAR CARD NUMBER. An OTP will be generated (Make Sure You have Linked Your AADHAR to your Phone) on the Aadhar Linked Phone.  

Once you logged into DigiLocker, you can start uploading all your important documents there. The documents issued by UIDAI, Income Tax Department, and CBSE auto uploads the documents in your account, and if you wish to upload any other documents, just make the file and start uploading, it’s that simple.

Please do let us know if you liked this article and is it useful for you, we will keep writing more articles for you on your demand.           

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