Hema Malini’s Mercedes Benz car Crashes 2 year old girl to death


It is very tragic incident at the same time it is the height of negligence, leaving the seriously injured people on the road and providing the special attention to the celebrity. Hema Malini is not only well known celebrity but she is also MP in BJP government, this makes her dual responsible towards the victims of the accident since it happened due to her driver’s negligence. On the night of 2nd July 2015 the speeding Mercedes Benz of Hema Malini crashed into the Maruti Alto, resulting into the serious injury to 4 occupants of the car and causing the death of a 2 year old girl child. According the sources, death of child occurred due to remaining unattended for long time, if the deceased girl child had taken to the hospital along with Hema Malini, she could have survived.


According to the news published in the TOI “Actress-turned-politician, Hema Malini, met with an accident in Dausa on her way from Agra to Jaipur. According to news reports, her Mercedes rammed into an Alto near Dausa, in Rajasthan. She has been admitted to the Fortis hospital in Jaipur. While early reports claimed that the actress was driving the car herself, it was later found out that a driver was driving the car. The driver, Mahesh Thakur, has also sustained leg injuries in the mishap. Reportedly, four individuals, including two women in the other car, were also injured and have been admitted to the hospital. A four-year-old girl has died in the accident”.

Image of Girl Child died in Accident
Image of Girl Child died in Accident

The sources also revealed that, Hema Malini received minor injuries in this accident but soon she was treated in the best of the hospital in Jaipur, Meanwhile her driver who claimed to be driving the car escaped unhurt in this accident. Normally it is the general practice that when any accident takes place the first attention is given to the seriously injured people and more to the small children but here in this case the situation was totally different. It was the celebrity “Dream Girl” who stole the entire attention of the people passing by. The doctor passing by in his car felt that Hema needs urgent medical treatment compared to the 4 people lying in the pool of blood in the ill fated Maruti Alto Car.

It is not of the significance to check as whose mistake it was, but the immediate relief to the seriously injured victims could have been reduced the level of guilt which the actress turned politician may face for the rest of her life. According the news published by the national daily “Actor-turned-politician Hema Malini has been criticised for leaving the site of an accident after her speeding Mercedes hit a Maruti Alto last night, without reaching out to the victims of the accident, including two very young children”.

It is the irony that we live in the country where people worship actress and politicians more than the god. Poor people do not have significance in our country except for the casting of their vote at the polling booth. I will not like to write much about the accident at the moment here as all the news channels are featuring this news all round the clock but I will surely ask the readers to please leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

Author: Rajesh Ghadge


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