Rain has devastated the state in the two continuous days of downpour. All the major streets in the state were completely flooded. People have complained of water entering the property at the time of the disastrous rainfall.

In a tragic accident on Wednesday night, a Jamun tree came crashing down a house in Nirabhag-Sanvordem.  With the house being critically damaged, the victims suffered a loss of 1.50 lakh. Luckily, they escaped uninjured.

The next morning, a team from Curchorem Fire and Emergency Services cleared the tree. According to Herald, Modhu Soiru Naik (the owner of the house) and his wife have demanded help from the government, since they have no proper source of income. Local Sarpanch Sandeep Pauskar who had visited the site informed that he has assured the family financial help through the panchayat and Disaster Management Fund from the government.

In the above-mentioned incident, heavy rainfall on that night caused a severe loss for the couple. The crash was also a threat to their life. The downpour has made daily routine hectic for the Goans. Another incident was brought to notice because of the heavy downpour in the state. Apparently, a resident from Tony Nagar- Sanvordem has expressed fears that his house would collapse.

The resident’s (Ramkrishna Gaonkar) house is situated right beside a water stream flowing past the wall of his house. Since there is a heavy rainfall in the past couple of days, the stream led to the flow of a huge quantity of mud from the side walls of his house.

According to sources, the panchayat had undertaken the construction work 5 years ago, but a short portion from the complainant’s house was left incomplete. Goankar said that if authorities failed to construct a retaining wall at the side of his house, the house would definitely collapse. Preventive measures need to taken by the authorities.

Sarpanch -Sandip Pawaskar assured, “The work of the construction of the remaining portion of the retaining wall would be undertaken soon after the monsoons”. But, the question is- What if the house collapses before monsoon is over? In fact, as days go by, the structure will become weaker with an excess amount of mud flowing out.

Monsoon has become a huge problem in the state with cities flooding, trees crashing and road accidents. In the first case mentioned above, nothing can be blamed or justified since rainfall is a natural calamity. But referring to Ramkrishna Goankar’s case, negligence of the authorities will soon cause a tragic accident.


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