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Goa’s Melody Queen Antoinette Mendes Passes Away

Explore the life and legacy of Antoinette Mendes, renowned for her contributions to Konkani films and Tiatr productions. Learn about her iconic roles, awards, and
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Antoinette Mendes
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Legendary Melody Queen, Actress, and Tiatra icon, Antonette Mendes, passed away at 79 on April 7th, 2024. She was renowned for her contributions to Konkani films and Tiatr production.

Antonette Mendes, born Maria Antonia D’Souza on May 10, 1944, in the Bombay Presidency of British India, was the eldest daughter of tiatrist Andre Antonio D’Souza, a sailor, and well-known figure in the theatrical realm and his wife, Innocencia D’Souza.

She began her career as a vocalist at the age of 15 in her father’s theatrical production “Aum to Tarvotti.” The tiatr “Fuddar” by playwright Kid Boxer marked a significant turning point in her career. She toured various places with tiatr troupes, including East Africa, Canada, Germany, London, Dubai, Muscat, and Doha.

In the Konkani film “Nirmon” in 1966, directed by A. Salam, her melodious portrayal of Claudia captivated audiences’ hearts. On the film set, she met her spouse, Romeo Mendes, also known as the star of Assnora. They married and had three children: Judy, June, and Lara.

During the pandemic, she contracted COVID-19 but managed to recover, although she required supplemental oxygen support during her recuperation.

As Goans, let us salute her immense contribution. She acted in Konkani films such as “Amchem Noxib” and “Nirmonn” and also appeared in a Hindi film, “Mohabbat Zindagi Hai.”

Her efforts and contributions to the industry earned her many accolades, including the Goa State Cultural Award 2015 conferred upon her by the Goa government, as well as the Lifetime Achievement in Tiatr Award 2009 by the Tiatr Academy Goa.

Two of her songs, “Piti piti” and “Claudia,” are among the most popular, evoking nostalgia for Goans of all generations. These songs are often part of Goan celebrations such as weddings and birthdays, and many Goans enjoy listening to them in their leisure time.

Om shanti to Madam Antonette Mendes, a memorable figure who won the hearts of many Goans and beyond. The Konkani legacy she created has left an indelible mark on Goan history, culture, and the music industry.

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