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Unveiling the Vibrancy of Goan Intercollegiate Events: A Deep Dive

Discover the dynamic world of intercollegiate events in Goa, where students showcase talents, compete, and bond. Explore the significance, structure, and highlights of these events,
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Goan Intercollegiate Events
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Intercollegiate events are often underrated, and their significance is frequently overlooked. These events provide students across Goa with opportunities to connect while competing, challenging participants to adhere to themes and adapt to various competitions. Such tests not only assess their skills but also foster teamwork and coordination.

These events play a pivotal role in students’ lives, allowing them to showcase and enhance their talents. Victories bring pride to colleges, enhancing their reputation. Most inter-collegiate events are organized annually and are considered a hallmark of the college. Some are specifically organized by a particular department or club within a college.

Inter-collegiate events are commonly divided into three parts: Pre-Events, Off-Stage events, and On-Stage events. Pre-events, such as creating reels, ads, short films, and videos, are often used by colleges to promote their events.

Off-stage events, including sports and other time-consuming competitions, may also include preliminary rounds of On stage events. Common off-stage events include tug of war, stress tests, treasure hunts, etc.

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Don Bosco College Mass Communication Team

On-stage events are the highlights of inter-collegiate events and encompass performances like dance, skits, singing, and fashion shows. The traditional Mr. and Miss Pageant is considered the most important competition, with winners gaining a title suffixed by the event’s name. Some colleges have unique events exclusive to their traditions, leading to surprises and shocks for participants, depending on the organizing college’s innovativeness.

Entertainment is often provided through DJs and influencers, and some events may feature exhibition rounds to raise the thrill. Each event and competition within it has rules, regulations, and criteria that participants must adhere to, failure of which may lead to disqualification or negative marking.

The Cultural Secretary of a college plays a vital role in assembling teams, coordinating, training, and providing resources for representing their college and claiming titles and trophies.

In the academic year 2023-24, various inter-collegiate events were organized, following college traditions such as “Plexus” by Goa Medical College, “K-OSS” by SS Dempo College, “Creation” by Dhempe, and “Filmbuster” by Don Bosco College.

For instance, “Creation 2024,” organized by the student council of Dhempe College of Arts & Science, had a theme of “Beneath the Waves, Beyond Imagination,” challenging participants to blend into the aquatic theme.

The “HIDE Fashion Show,” held by JD Institute of Fashion Design as a part of Hospitality And Interior Design Expo, featured themes related to architecture and fashion design, with  Don Bosco College Panjim led by Prachi Shirodkar emerging as winners.

“Filmbuster 2024,” organized by the Club Filmatics in association with the Department of Mass Communication of Don Bosco College Panjim, was Goa’s first inter-collegiate event curated towards media students, with the theme “Roll into The Cineverse” and esteemed guests from the film industry.

Despite challenges like scheduling conflicts, overcrowding, miscommunication, delays, and technical glitches, successful events leave a lasting impression, garner social media coverage, and create memorable experiences for participants and organizers alike.

Inter-collegiate events also serve as platforms for companies and political parties to connect with the youth through sponsorship, contributing to goodwill-building. They are often overlooked but hold a significant presence in the education industry with high potential for growth and impact.

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