55-year-old Widow Murdered by Unknown Person

Everyday a case of murder, rape or burglary is reported in the state of Goa. Here is another recently occurred case. A 55-year-old widow was murdered at her house in Curchorem.  The mystery killer is unknown.

The victim was Sucorina Travasso – the widowed wife of a coffin maker and the mother of Valisa Travasso aged 21. They lived at Bapegal, 500 metres from Curchorem police station, opposite old Prashant Theatre. Apparently, Sucorina was murdered at the time of her daughter’s absence.

According to Goa 365, Valisa had gone to work when the murder took place. An amount of Rs 3 Lakh was found in the house in which the victim was murdered.

According to the sources, the motive behind the murder is yet unknown. None of the details of the police and investigation has been revealed so far.

Several murder incidents in the past have lowered Goa’s standards and have also caused major problems in the tourism sector of the state.

The above incident is one among the many shocking murders and disappearance cases. It is necessary for the police department and government to take immediate action against as day by day these number of cases are increasing.

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