Goa tourism development corporation (GTDC) which has gone into overdrive during the last two years, has lined-up some high-end tourism projects. The GTDC which currently owns and runs 13 tourism residences at prime locations, some of which are not in very good shape, wants to raise tourism projects such as parks, expo-centres, marinas and high-end hotels. Top on its card is renovation and development of seven GTDC properties on a private investment mode basis. Tenders have been floated for some of the projects.

A tourism official said that at Colva, GTDC has proposed to develop a five -star boutique hotel. The employment potential of this project is 65 employees. At Mayem, GTDC has proposed a theme park, Nature Park and a five star hotel. It estimates earning a cumulative revenue of 4,500 crore over a 25-year period. A consultant has been appointed for drawing a plan in this regard.

A tourism official said this project, besides; creating direct employment opportunities will open up business opportunities for handicraft artisans, food suppliers and taxi operators.

The GTDC has planned to have an Oceanarium and a five star hotel at Miramar. It has projected to bring in 225 jobs besides throwing open indirect job prospects, said a tourism official. At Farmagudi, it has planned to have a world-class exhibition centre. The project will create 50 jobs as well as indirect job opportunities for food suppliers, taxi operators and event managers and the cumulative revenue it will earn for a period of 25 years is likely to be 4,500 crore.



Picturesque Britona, where GTDC owns a large track of land, will see plans for a marina as well as a five-star hotel with a yatch club. The estimate of cumulative revenue for 25 years is Rs 6,500 crore. This project will create job opportunities besides, expanding scope of businesses’ for sailing operators, food suppliers, and event managers.

At its Anjuna property, it plans to have a wedding destination as well as a five-star hotel. This project is expected to bring in cumulative revenues of around 4,600 crore stretched over 25 years. At its Kesarval property, it wants to build a corporate out-bound and five star hotel with expectations to earn a cumulative revenue of 2,000 crore for a 25-year period.

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