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Goan Minister’s Demands of Tickets for their Wives Delays the BJP List of Candidates for Goa Assembly Polls

There were speculations that the delay is causing due to the demand for BJP ticket from Utpal Parrikar, son of former Chief Minister late Manohar
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The demand for the tickets for their wives in BJP Cadre Goa is not a new story, the Calangute MLA had resigned over non assurance of the ticket to his wife from Siolim constituency but the constant demand from many top ministers of BJP in Goa has resulted in delaying the process of announcing the Candidate list for the Goa Assembly. 

There were speculations that the delay is causing due to the demand for the BJP ticket from Utpal Parrikar, son of former Chief Minister late Manohar Parrikar, but the sources have informed that that is not the only reason for the delay. 

According to the sources, many top brass ministers have demanded the tickets for their wives apart from their own candidature from various constituencies which is creating a major hurdle in the decision making. 

Based on the party policy of BJP it is supposed to be “One Family, One Candidate” but that is not the reality while there are more than one candidates from each family has already been part of the BJP Cabinet in Goa. 

Following the footstep of Talegao Constituency where the wife of Panaji MLA Babush Monserate is the Minster, the deputy CM of Goa Babu Kavalekar has demanded the ticket for himself from Sanguem and also wants the ticket for his wife Savitri from Quepem constituency. 

It may be recalled that BJP already has its loyal candidate Subhash Phal Dessai working tirelessly in Sanguem for the past five years. Babu Kavalekar who had jumped into BJP camp after decamping congress for the sake of Dy CM’s post has now put the BJP in fix with his unethical demand. 

The story does not end with Kavalekar alone, the health minster of Goa and son of former Congress CM, Vishwajit Rane also demanded the ticket for his wife Divya from Poriem seat which is held by Senior Rane for more than a decade.   

It may be recalled that Vishwajit was the first to switch from the Congress to the BJP, within days after the 2017 Goa Legislative Assembly elections.

The BJP that was initially going to announce its list on January 16 hasn’t yet announced it.”Names that were received from mandals were discussed in the state election committee. Their names will be sent to the Central Election Committee that will be meeting on Thursday (January 20). We will try and announce the final list of all 40 seats by 21st” , Sadanand Sheth Tanawade, President of the state BJP said.

Coming back to the Panaji seat which is presently with Babush Monseratte may be given to the son of former CM of Goa Utpal Parrikar while Babush is lobbying for the same with his wife for both Panaji and Taleigao seats.  

As mentioned earlier, the Calangute MLA deserted BJP for the lack of assurance from BJP to ticket for his wife Dalilah from Siolim constituency. 

Apart from the Husband Wife Jodi in BJP there is tug of war between the former MLAs and the turncoat MLAs for the same seat is also putting the BJP into dilemma. There is demand for Madrem seat from Sopte and Parsekar while Canacona seat is hanging between Tawadkar and Isodore. Now only the time will tell who will get what and how BJP will manipulate the entire game. 

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