Goa Police Detained a Top Ranking Afghani Official in Calangute for hiring Sex Worker

Goa being a tourist destination lot of unwanted things have become the part and parcel of the business in the state. The rise of Casinos and existing flesh trade made our state more famous in the international market.    

The image of Goa is has started getting spoiled on the global map. The arrest of a foreign national, who is also a top-ranking official of Afghan held by Calangute police for hiring a sex worker shows that the now foreign officials are also started coming to Goa in a search of pleasure.   

According to the news published by the Time of India Two Afghanistan nationals, including a high-ranking government official was arrested at Calangute early on Monday for allegedly trying to procure the services of sex workers.

The Calangute town police have told the newspaper that they took the action following the tip-off that a pimp called ‘Sanjiv’ would be delivering two foreign women for the purpose of prostitution to two customers near a hotel in Calangute.


Based on the information the Calangute Police kept a watch at the spot and rounded up the customers and the sex workers when they arrived at 10 pm on Sunday.

Although police managed to arrest the customers they could not get hold of the pimp who was involved in the process of supplying girls to the customers, said the sources.   

The two women, both from Uzbekistan, aged 36 and 27, were questioned in the presence of an NGO, and later lodged at the protective home at Merces.      

The two alleged customers, Mohammad Omar Arian, 28, and Mohammad Hajmal Hodan, 41, have been arrested. Raposo said Arian is the director of internal audit, ministry of communications and information technology, Afghanistan, while Hodan is an advocate. Efforts are on to verify the facts.

Both the culprits have been booked by Calangute Police under the various sections of iPC. Calangute police have registered an offense under Sections 370, 370 (3) of IPC and Sections 4, 5 and 7 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act.

Another shocking thing that came into the light is one of the rescued women who is a foreign national had been staying in Goa without valid visa and police had booked her for the same.

The above case makes it clear that the pimps are now making use of foreign nationals for luring the foreign nationals in the state, and the business of prostitution is flourishing in the north beach belt. 

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