Goa May Extend The Lockdown For Another 15 Days On The Suggestion of IMA

Goa Goes For Extension of Lockdown

The Indian Medical Association has urged the state government to extend the lockdown for another 15 days to break the chain. The Covid cases in the state kept raising with daily more than 2000 new cases and on Thursday the single-day spike went to cross the 3000 marks with 36 deaths registered in Goa, the highest-ever single day mortality. 

According to the reports, The IMA experts been having a continuous discussion on this issue with the state administration and trying to persuade them to extend the lockdown for another 15 days after the 3rd May to break the chain of covid and bring down the numbers to 10% from existing 50 percent. 

The health care structure in the state has been completely collapsed due to the rise in the cases and the only way to bring it back is by lowering the positive cases in the state. 

The CM was not in favor of announcing the lockdown to save the state from further financial liabilities but according to IMA the people of Goa have already prepared themselves for the lockdown and they understand the value of being safe from Covid. 

People have learned to live with the new norms and they have also made the provisions to take care of their finances by reducing the liabilities, stated the press note. 

The sudden spike in the Covid cases and the increasing mortality rate has made people of Goa accept the lockdown and keeping some exceptions at the bay most of the Goans are refraining from going out and crowding outside. 

The lockdown always gets the mixed reaction from the public, according to you, what is your opinion?? Do you think the lockdown in necessary? What other way is there to reduce the increasing cases?? Please do share your suggestions on this issue.  

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