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Goa Exit Poll 2022 – Who Will Form the Government This Time?

The numbers predicted by exit polls carried out by nine national media houses, it is clear that there will be a hung assembly this time
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The fate of the political parties in Goa that remains sealed inside the ballot boxes will be opened in the next two days and according to the exit poll results, there will be an hung assembly situation in the state, so now the question is who will form the government this time? 

According to the exit poll predictions there will be a hung house this time with the major competition between the Congress and BJP with the 16 seats each in 40 member assembly and the TMC might become the kingmaker in the game. 

In this election the BJP was fighting over the point of development while Congress was cashing on the change that people of Goa are looking for at this juncture. Keeping both this factors in the mind the companies doing the exit polls has given Congress and BJP the equal ranks (16-16). 

On the other hand the TMC, a political party that had just entered into the arena for the first time is now going to be a kingmaker as they have penetrated into the BJP and Congress vote bank by taking over all the rebels of both the parties under their wings. 

According to the Exit Poll done by the national portal of NDTV, the major stakeholders will be Congress and BJP and the next thing will be the section of ‘others’ which includes the regional parties and independent candidates, who are suppose to get 5 seats, will play a major role in Government formation. Who will go with whom??

This will be the replication of 2017 scenario, stated the NDTV report. They have done the aggregation of 9 nine exit poll predications mainly done by the major news channels like ABP News, India News, India Today, NewsX, Republic TV, Times Now and Zee News. “The data indicates that both BJP and Congress is taking the front row and Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress will be a Kingmaker in the game,” stated the report. 

Meanwhile all the political parties are claiming their stakes on the government formation in Goa. The state BJP president Sadanand Tanavade quoted that he has a confidence that BJP will form the next government in the state. “People of Goa has voted for the development and progress,” he said. 

He may be right this time since if you look back in 2017 scenario, BJP managed to form the government in the state with just 13 seats in their favour while Congress had 17 seats and had come out as largest single party in the state of Goa. 

This time Congress is confidant enough that the story of 2017 will not be repeated this time and there won’t be any crossovers by their leaders and they have dispatched the top leaders in all five states. 

Meanwhile the exit poll did not give much limelight to the regional parties and Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi who entered Goa for the second time with big bang campaign assuring the Delhi style governance has been kept at bay by the exit poll predictions. 

The Final Words

Meanwhile it is going to be Congress or BJP this time but not without the support of the other parties and independents. TMC may not be the only party that will decide the fate of Goan politics but it will be a mix of regional parties and independent candidates who will play the key role in making the King this time. 

What are your views in this? Do you think that the history will be repeated? Or you are confidant about the new candidates who will not sell themselves in the name of development! When the coalition happens, who will be first in the line? Will the Goan voters will be ditched one more time?    

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