Go abroad on work visa but don’t give up your Indian citizenship no sympathy for such Goans says Micheal Lobo

The dynamic MLA of Calangute constituency Michael Lobo has come out with the statement against those Goans who gave up their Indian citizenship for getting into the UK. According to Mr. Lobo, the Goans can travel overseas on a work visa but should never give up their Indian nationality. According to him, there is no sympathy towards such Goans who gave up their Indian nationality to get into the UK via Lisbon. Mr. Lobo made lots of unbelievable revelations in this Interview. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] With the BREXIT in the force, things do not remain the same anymore. According to the new norms set in the UK, the Portuguese consulate in London has warned all the Portuguese citizens that include the Goans who have taken the BI (Bilhete de Identidade) and settled in the UK to get their permanent residence cards in the UK to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Portugal’s secretary of state for communities Jose Luis Carneiro has advised Portuguese nationals, including those of Goan origin in the UK to obtain a permanent residence card and also seek dual nationality to ensure that all their rights are protected.

In the context of Portuguese nationality and dual citizenship which has become an issue of controversy in Goa, Mr. Michael Lobo, MLA of Calangute constituency has told the media that the Goa Government will not sympathize with the Goans who give up their Indian Nationality. While speaking on the Prudent media TV show called Head On Mr. Lobo said that “You go to any country, London or Dubai but on Indian Passport. You can work over there and even take your family along with you. Go on a work visa, work hard, make money and come back to Goa. There are many Goans who surrenders their Indian citizenship and gone to the UK and according to me that is wrong,” he said.

He further said that “Show me one Goan who went abroad on Portuguese passport and after coming back to Goa he or she surrendered the same and took the Indian citizenship. We cannot call such people Goenkar. Goans do not need outsiders in Goa. They feel offended when an outsider comes here and become Goenkar in a like manner today the UK is also feeling the same.”

Mr. Lobo also made many revelations about the lifestyle of Goans who lives in the UK. According to Mr. Lobo, “The Goans who are in the UK does not stay in Bungalow. They take on a villa with three bedroom and six families stay in that. Husband, wife, and their kids stay in a single room there in the UK,” said Mr. Lobo.


According to Mr. Lobo going to Portugal and settling down is not a good option since the economy of Portugal is worst than Goa. “Portugal is a poor country. Goa is still much better than Portugal and hence the only option is to come back to India and take up Indian citizenship with the help of OCI card,” he said. Mr. Lobo said that people are not getting Indian citizenship for years together but our Government (BJP) has made a special provision wherein those Goans who wish to come back to India will be given Indian citizenship within three months time.

According to Micheal Lobo giving up our Indian citizenship and staying in the adverse condition in the UK is not a good idea rather Goans should come back their land. There is no guarantee of employment and future prospects in EU after the BREXIT. What is your opinion on this? Please leave your honest comments here.

Source: Prudent Media


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