Gandhi Replaced by Modi in Khadi Udyog’s Calendar, Employees Protests, alleging similar attempt was made last year

The Image of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has been replaced by the image of the prime minister of India in the Khadi Village Calendar. This news is coming as a shocker that the image of Gandhi is replaced by Modi in Khadi Gram Udyog Calendar. The employees of the Khadi Udyog has protested against this move claiming that the similar attempt had been made last year by inserting the photo of prime minister’s photo in the calendar and it was assured that similar thing will not happen again. 

According to the sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had replaced the image of Mahatma Gandhi in the 2017 wall calendar and table diary of the Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) leaving the employees in the huge disappointment. According to the sources, The replacement has not been well received by the employees, who has decided to hold “a silent, soul-cleansing” protest over the decision.

The most shocking thing is, in the image of the calendar prime minister Modi is seen in the same classic pose as Gandhiji and is seen weaving Khadi on a large “Charkha’. Modi is sporting his signature attire of kurta-pyjama-waistcoat made of khadi, weaving khadi on a slightly modern charkha. Gandhiji historic picture wearing his trademark loincloth, weaving Khadi on a simple charkha was used the cover of the calendar till now.

The employees of KVIC has planned to stage “a silent, soul-cleansing” protest wearing black bands on their mouths during lunch tour, to signify their unheard voices. Meanwhile, the KVIC Chairman on the other side has come out with the explanations for the change saying that Modi has popularized khadi among the masses but that doesn’t put a question on Gandhi’s importance in Khadi industry. “The entire khadi industry (Udyog) is based on Gandhiji’s philosophy, ideas, and ideals, he is the soul of KVIC, so there is no question of ignoring him,” Saxena told IANS.

He added that Modi has been wearing khadi since long, and has popularized it among the masses and even among foreign dignitaries while developing his own styles around khadi.


“In fact, he is khadi’s biggest brand ambassador, and his vision matches KVIC’s, of ‘Make In India’ by making villages self-sufficient, ‘skill development’ by generating employment among the rural masses, infuse modern technology for khadi weaving, innovations, and marketing. Plus, the PM is a youth icon,” Saxena explained.

However, the staff is extremely disappointed in the complete washout of Gandhi. The staff alleged that a similar attempt was made last year after by including the PM’s photos in the calendar but they were assured that it would not be repeated in future.

The above case makes it clear that the bureaucrats have been getting influenced by the politicians and trying to change the system. The explanation of Saxena displays the same. It is very important that they understand the difference between the national leaders and politicians. The image of Gandhi cannot be replaced overnight as he is the father of the nation. People have accepted the demonetisation but they may not accept the replacement of national leaders images with the recent politicians. Please do share your views on this issue.


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