Former AAP Women Cell Coordinator Takes over as Goa Forward Women’s Wing convenor

Political equations have always been changing depending on the offers one gets from the other side. This is not the new story. Many political parties have come into existence only due to the rebels. Being loyal to the party and not getting rewarded is suppose to be the major reason behind this switch. Here, in this case, the former AAP Women Cell Coordinator, who recently resigned from the AAP, alleging the existence of partiality in the party have now joined on the new position at Goa Forward Party.

The press conference in this regards was organized today by Goa Forward Party Leaders, wherein the former AAP Women Cell Coordinator Aasma Sayed has been given the responsibility of leading the Women’s wing in the Party. It may be recalled that the Women Cell Co-ordinator of Aam Aadmi Party Aasma Sayed had resigned from the party on 27th November, citing the party is male dominated and sidelining its Women members.    

Ms. Aasma Sayed is an advocate by profession and she has been into the social service for a long time said the sources. On her appointment as Convenor of Women’s Wing, Aasma told the media that she loves working for the women of Goa. “Today we are releasing the Agenda for the Women of Goa. I have been working for the downtrodden people specially for the empowerment of the women. I believe that the women should have the independent voice and she should be politically empowered and this is our agenda for women,” said Aasma.

The Chairperson of Margao Municipal Council, Babita Angle was also present at the press conference told he media that, “Today we have formed the Women’s Wing in Goa forward and this basically to address all the issues related to the women. The whole idea of forming of this new wing is to create the awareness of Women Empowerment and Gender equality in the community,” said Babita adding that, she came into the politics to create the awareness that women is capable of handling the political issues. “I am being  a medical professional entered into the field of politics and I appeal that more and more professional people should come into the politics.”

The new convener of Goa Forward Women’s Wing feels that there is a need of empowerment of a women economically. “Our motto will be assisting all those women entrepreneurs financially. We will also implement the skill development programs for the women which will encourage them to set up their own business,” said Aasma adding that she will also help implementing the self help groups.   

When the media asked as how many women will contest the election for MLA seats to bring in the women empowerment in the politics Ms. Monica Dias replied that, the matter is still under consideration with the like minded people. They have stressed on the issue that their entire focus is to bring down the BJP from the power.

When asked why she left AAP and joined Goa Forward Ms. Aasma said, “Goa forward is a regional party and according to me only the regional parties can understand the problem of Goan,” she said giving the credits to Mr. Vijay Sardesai for taking the Goa Forward. while coming back to reason behind leaving the AAP she said that she had thought that AAP is a revolution. “I thought that AAP was a movement but I was wrong. I have realised that AAP is a Delhi Based Party and the all the leaders of AAP are from Delhi. They just come to Goa to talk and go back but they do not know the ground reality of Goans, they don’t know our problems.” She strike on AAP claiming that she realised that ‘it is not any revolution but “AAP has become the BAAP of Congress Party”

having said all that, the Goa Forward Vice President, Ms. Monica Dias said that their party is in talk with the “LIKE MINDED PEOPLE” and one of them is obviously Congress. She has nothing to talk against the congress as the decision of collaboration will be taken jointly. The final decision of the Goa Forward will be keeping all the deferences aside to come together for a common goal and the common Goal is defeating the BJP in the forthcoming election and reducing them down to minority.

After whatever is said and done, it will the ‘Niz Goenkar’ who will decide the fate of each and every political party at the end of the day. This time the election will be multicoloured with many regional political parties taking part in the battle. There may not be majority to anybody and final calculations will be entirely based on the “GATHABANDHAN” (coalition) government and hence being good to every optical party is good for everyone in this game. If you wish to give your opinion on this, please go ahead.


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