First Organ Harvesting Case at Goa Medical College

Organ Harvesting Case at Goa Medical College
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In one of the recent development, Goa’s Apex medical facility GMC had taken up the first Organ Harvesting task and sent the Heart, Liver, Lungs, and Kidneys of a brain dead accident victim to Mumbai and Nagpur. 

According to the report published on the TOI, The state late on Monday night began the first case of organ harvesting at Goa Medical College (GMC) under the state organ tissue transplant organization (Sotto).  

The organs, heart, liver, lungs, and two kidneys of a 21-year-old man, who met with an accident on Thursday, and was subsequently declared brain dead, were removed by three separate teams.  

“The harvesting of organs began at 1.30 am. His liver, heart, and lungs were to be immediately moved out of Goa to conduct live organ transplants in donors outside the state,” said GMC dean Dr. S M Bandekar. 

According to Dr. Bandekar, the heart is sent to a recipient in a private hospital in Mumbai for the transplant while the liver will be flown to Nagpur “A green corridor between GMC and the airport was set up to transport the organs out of the state,” he added. 

Dr. Bandekar said that GMC has four people on their waitlist for kidney transplants at the moment and two of them will undergo the transplants simultaneously. “The cross-matching for two potential recipients has been completed,” he said. 

Bandekar said they got on to the job on Saturday when the accident victim was brain dead and his family was approached. The youth is from North India and was working in Calangute.   

“It is only after his family agreed that we set the process in motion, and the regional organ tissue transplant organization (ROTTO) was intimated about it and we went on to complete other mandatory tasks,” he said.   

He said the first Anea test, a clinical test performed at the end of the brain death diagnosis procedure, was done on Monday morning, and the second in the evening.

Source: TOI 

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