Crack in AAP? First Candidate from Siolim Constituency splits from AAP may contest 2017 poll independently

AAP political party promoted by Arvind Kejriwal was originated from Delhi and presently trying to install itself in Goa. The party has always been into the controversy due to various reasons. One of the major reasons behind controversy is perhaps the expulsions of their candidates from party on regular basis. Goa unit of AAP has been portrayed as a separate identity by the local leaders. But with the expulsion of one of their local leader Dr. Prithvi Amonkar who was suppose to contest the election from Siolim constituency the AAP Goa image has also been painted in same colour. There are speculations that Dr. Amonkar may contest an election as an independent candidate.

[The decision in regards to the candidature of Dr. Amonkar from Siolim constituency was finalised by the senior party leaders in the month of October 2016. According to the sources, the Chairperson of campaign committee of AAP, Rajeshree Nagarsekar maintained that, the party had ‘no-issues’ with Amonkar. Meanwhile, the sources close to Dr. Amonkar has suggested that he has also given up his primary membership from AAP on the insistence of his supporters and that he will contest the forthcoming election from Siolim constituency as an independent candidate.

The chairperson of AAP Election Campaign Committee, Ms. Rajeshree Nagarsekar maintained that their party has no issues Dr. Amonkar whatsoever, according to her the changes were made based on the review of constituency progress made by the AAP Campaign Committee. “During our periodic review, we noticed that Siolim candidate’s efforts were not showing desired results. In the joint review meeting with the candidate, course of correction was recommended. Despite all efforts there was no change in the trend. Subsequently the candidate expressed his inability and a joint/amicable decision was arrived,” she said.


The campaign committee further added that, Although Dr. Amonkar is not their candidate anymore for the Siolim constituency but he will continue to be the part of party in another capacity. However, Dr. Amonkar reiterated completely different version of his exit from AAP. According to Dr. Amonkar, despite of his all the efforts towards the promotion of the party at his constituency, Delhi based AAP leaders had decided to remove him from Siolim seat. “Compared to all the constituency campaigned by the party, AAP at Siolim leads the trend by all parameters. Yet the AAP (Delhi) leaders are imposing their decision without consultation. I am not happy about it. They are severely undermining the leadership of party workers here. It is difficult to work under the circumstances with the party, therefore I have decided to give up my primary membership” he said.

Here in his statement Dr. Amonkar has brought up the issue of prevalence of differences of policies and administrative model between the of Delhi and Goa. According to Dr. Prithvi Amonkar, Delhi admin model cannot work in Goa since there is a big deference in the Geo-Political structure between the two states. He said that unless the AAP in Goa allowed to function independently by AAP Delhi there are no chances of winning. “There is absolutely no leadership in Goa’s AAP unit, they do just as directed by Delhi high command. In the process we lose relationship with our constituents and it is not worth it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amonkar said that he continues to be volunteer of the party but his supporters from Siolim constituency have asked him to function independently “I have thrown the ball in AAP’s court, it is for them to decide. I will be meeting my supporters from tomorrow as most of them have already asked me to contest independently,” he said. Till date AAP has announced around 25 candidates from various constituencies in Goa to contest in 2017 polls in Goa. Dr. Prithvi Amonkar’s name was among them. However with the developments on Thursday, party spokesperson Rajeshree said that the new candidate for Siolim will be announced shortly.


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