Fatal Accident in Bicholim, Two Wheeler Rider Killed on the Spot as Truck Turned Turtle due to break failure

A fatal accident took place at Bicholim in North Goa as the truck carrying sand turned turtle killing a two-wheeler rider instantly. According to the sources, the truck lost control due to the failure in breaking system and turned turtle thereby crushing the two-wheeler rider underneath killing him instantly. The Accident supposes to have taken place on a Friday morning, said the sources. The youth who died in the accident belongs to Pernem in north Goa.

Based on the information available from the reliable sources, a 26-year-old two-wheeler rider from Pernem was crushed to death under the truck which had turned turtle in Bicholim due to break failure. According to sources, the truck bearing registration number GA-02 – Z-6052 was traveling towards the Bicholim loaded with sand when the driver realized that the breaks of the truck were failed. He immediately tried to put the reverse gear directly from high gear in an effort to save the truck from crashing but his experiment turned into tragedy and truck jumped before turning upside down.

A name of the youth (deceased) who crushed to death under the truck has been revealed as Gurudas Shetkar from Pernem and the accident took place at Par, Mulgaon in Bicholim north Goa. Another bike rider was traveling in the same direction when the accident took place but he managed to escape with the minor injuries, said the sources.

The emergency rescue personnel from Bicholim told the media that, when they reached the accident spot, they saw the truck had turned upside down and a motorcycle rider was trapped underneath. They immediately summoned the crane to lift the truck in an effort to rescue the trapped person. “After the crane lifted the truck we saw the body of a person trapped underneath the truck and it was crushed beyond the recognition,” said the Fire Brigade personnel. “We later handed over the body to Police. The bike that youth was riding is a Hero Honda bearing registration number GA-03 A-6724,” He added.


According to the eyewitness, the truck was loaded with the sand when it jumped and fell upside on the two-wheeler rider thereby crushing him to death on the spot. The incident occurred due to two reasons first the failure in the braking system which displays the poor maintenance of the truck and second being the sudden change of gear from high gear to reverse which caused an explosion in the gearbox thereby resulting of truck turning upside down, said the sources.

The road accidents are on the rise due to rash and negligent driving and low maintenance of the vehicles which results in the situation like break failure. One innocent youth lost his life due to the complete negligence of the truck driver and the owner of the truck. There is no existence of the stringent rules for the road accident and in many cases, the accused gets the bail very next day to get back on the road once again in the search of another prey. Until the law is made stricter, more accidents will keep taking place and more lives will be lost on the roads of Goa.


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