A Joy Ride on his 15 Lac Rupees Ducati costs life to the 18-year old Mumbai lad

A joy ride on his new Ducati bike turned into tragedy for the 18-year-old Mumbai lad Subhan Baugwala when he crashed his speeding bike on the road divider resulting in his instant death. According to the sources, the bike (Ducati) was gifted to him (Subhan) by his parents on his 18th birthday. The deceased Subhan Baugwala was riding the bike along with his friend Sultan Patel (Pillion). They were on their way to MMK college at Bandra when the accident took place, said the sources. The pillion rider Sultan is said to be in critical condition.

The birthday gift of the boy become the reason for his death. The sources have said that the family of the deceased Subhan is in the state of shock after they came to know about the incident. According to the report published by Mid Day barely four days after he received a 15 lakh rupees Ducati motorbike from his parent on his 18th birthday, the MMK College student Subhan Baugwala crashed it on his way to college in Bandra. The sources said that his friend who was the pillion rider is in critical condition.                        

The sources in the Mid-Day reported that the family of Subhan Baugwala is yet to comprehend the enormity of losing their son who crashed his brand new Ducati, his 18th birthday gift, into a divider at Bandra on his way to college yesterday. The pillion rider, Baugwala’s closest friend, Sultan Patel, is fighting for life in the ICU at Bombay Hospital. Subhan was wearing a helmet, said the police, who found the R15-lakh bike mangled at the accident spot at Bandra.

The sources have said that the deceased Subhan was the first-year student of MMK college in Bandra (West) and he was staying at Mahim. Subhan got the most expensive Ducati bike from his parents on his 18th birthday on January 15. “Subhan was ecstatic about getting the bike as a gift. He kept telling us it was his best birthday gift ever. He loved superbikes. On Thursday, he left home to go to college. Within an hour we got a call from cops that he had met with an accident and taken to Bhabha hospital. When we reached the hospital we learned that he was dead and our world just crashed around us. He had just turned 18,” said a relative of Subhan.              


Subhan’s cousin, Mohammad told the Mid-Day that, “He was a very cheerful and studious boy. As was his schedule, he picked up his best friend Sultan on his way to college. When they crossed the reclamation bridge junction, the bike apparently skidded and crashed into the divider. Subhan was wearing a helmet, yet he was seriously injured on his head and body. The head injury led to heavy blood loss and proved to be fatal. His final rites were performed on Thursday evening. Subhan has a younger brother. His family is completely shattered.”              

One of the Subhan’s friends Tanveer told the media that, Subhan’s family had bought the most expensive Ducati bike from an international bike dealer in Pune and Subhan simply loved it. He was very fond of bikes and cars and was always a safe rider. “But we don’t know what happened,” he said. According to the Bandra police, the passers-by saw Subhan speeding on his bike towards Bandra from Mahim when the accident took place around 8.30am. Subhan died before admission to hospital and Sultan has been unconscious ever since the accident. He was initially taken to Bhabha hospital but was later shifted to Bombay Hospital for treatment.         

Senior inspector Pandit Thackrey of Bandra police station said, “The deceased had a driving license and we found a helmet at the spot. The accident took place close to the reclamation bridge junction. Prima facie it was found that the biker was speeding and lost control. Both boys studied in the same college and were on the way there.”

Whatever may be the cause of the accident, but the parents of the deceased are equally responsible for the demise of their son. The Ducati bike is a killer machine and it is probably not meant for the 18-year-old kid and just because he was demanding the same and they also could afford to buy one from the international market does not mean the right thing to do so. Parents need to teach their kids the right way to make use of the available resources otherwise the results are always terrible.


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