Election Commission to Monitor Drugs, Matka and Casinos

If only the election helps control Gambling and Drugs then people of Goa wish to have the election commission to rule Goa so that at least the Gambling and Drugs related activities will remain in control. Surprisingly the job of Government is done by the Election Commission, and as the elections are approaching closer the Code of Conduct has been in force in the state.      

Gambling and drugs are an open secret of Goa. It happens everywhere and yet no one is really caught. Casinos and Matka are gambling but they still do differ. While casino gambling is encouraged and is seen as a form of promoting tourism, Matka, on the other hand, is prohibited in the state. But that does not mean it has vanished. Matka bookies are present on every nook and corner of Goa.

With the elections approaching, The Election Commission of India (ECI) feels that politicians may use money routed through casinos and matka to influence voters ahead of the Lok Sabha elections and the by-elections in the state. The ECI also feels that candidates may push drugs to influence the voters to support them.

According to Times of India, chief electoral officer Kunal said the commission will monitor casinos for laundering. Kunal said our eyes and ears are open and ears are open and there are many channels like emails and public complaints. He said, “Police and other agencies would be deployed and they will conduct surprise checks to monitor, plus based on specific complaints we will also carry out appropriate action,” He further added saying that, “We want strict adherence to the existing laws and election laws and election laws are not separate. It is part of the existing laws and all agencies need to follow,” 


Apart from this, he also stated that special teams will be appointed to keep a check on the drug activities. Everyone knows drugs are smuggled within in the state but it is hard to trace and catch hold of the people behind them. In most cases, politicians exploit these aspects and more often influence the voters in their favor. Kunal spoke on monitoring these activities and had a talk with the with Narcotics Control Bureau and Goa police to proactively implement the NDPS Act.

According to Goa Prism, It is illegal and everybody knows that yet the matka trade still runs and manages to make a huge sum of money. This business trade is merciless and quite dangerous with politicians, police, and gangsters involved. Although this is unchecked one cannot deny about its existence, with streets of Goa talukas secretly hosting the bookings of this trade, with the support of police and politicians and sometimes even them, being directly involved.

Suspecting the trade for money laundering during elections, Kunal also expressed the need to keep a check on matka activity too.

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