Dirty politics at Sanquelim Municipal Council, Chief Officer booked for bribing councillor to act against his own panel

Sanquelim Municipal Chairperson Dharmesh Saglani

Dharmesh Saglani is presiding over Sanquelim Municipal Council for more than two terms and he is said to the promising candidate for Congress in the forthcoming election. The no-confidence motion that was initiated by the BJP supported panel against Mr. Saglani was apparently promoted to the Chief Officer of Municipal Council who tried to bribe one of the councilor from Saglani’s panel. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The game of dirty politics has already entered in this tiny beautiful state with each party is in race of buying the candidates from another party by bribing them with handsome amount. One such shocking incident took place in Sanquelim Municipality. According to the sources, the Chief Officer of Sanquelim Municipal Council, Shirpad Arlekar had allegedly offered the bribe of Rs. 5 lakh to Damodar Ghadi, one of the councilor of Dharmesh Saglani panel to act against his panel and sign on the no-confidence motion. The ruling BJP government initiated the no-confidence motion supported panel in the Sanquelim Municipal Council.

Sanquelim Municipal Chairperson Dharmesh Saglani
Sanquelim Municipal Chairperson Dharmesh Saglani

Saglani is holding the chairmanship of the Sanquelim Municipal Council for more than two terms as an independent candidate without the backing of any political party. In his tenure, Saglani has done a tremendous amount of developmental work in the Sanquelim. Being the influential person, he is highly targeted by the ruling government supported panel.

According to the sources, Saglani is also in process of acquiring the Congress ticket and contest an election against the existing MLA Pramod Sawant in the forthcoming assembly poll. This news has apparently become the reason behind this no confidence motion said the sources. Rupees five lakh bribe offer was the last nail in the coffin of opposition whose desperate measures to eliminate Saglani have been exposed in front of the media.

Ghadi is said to be one of the seven members of the ruling panel headed by Dharmesh Saglani in the council of 11 members. The complaint against the chief officer has been filed by Ghadi. In his written complaint to the Superintendent of Police Anti-Corruption branch of Vigilance Department, Mr. Ghadi had alleged that, Arlekar has been trying to contact him since June 15, 2016 asking him to quote his price to offer him the money.


“I did not meet him, but he kept on calling me the several occasions from June 15, till date. Today, in the afternoon, he again called me and offered to hand over the money to me while signing on the no-confidence motion. According to him the place for signing was decided somewhere in Mapusa. “He did not disclose to me the exact location in Mapusa, but he said that he will call me back at 3pm to intimate me about the exact location of the meeting in Mapusa to hand over the bag full of cash contain the said amount,” stated Ghadi in his letter to the SP of Anti-Corruption Branch. Mr. Ghadi in his complaint sought an immediate action against the accused.

This is the rare case loyalty and integrity displayed by the councilor, who was offered the huge sum in the form of bribe by the opposition to act against the interest of his panel. In the normal circumstances people succumb to the temptations but Mr. Ghadi has shown enormous amount of determination. Perhaps the new generation politicians may have such amount of loyalty which will end the regime of defection.

Source: TOI


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