Did Prakash Naik, Ex-Sarpanch of Merces, Commit Suicide or He was Murdered?

A WhatsApp message sent from the mobile of Ex-Merces Sarpanch Of Merces, Prakash Naik went viral on the social media and various news channels claiming that he committed suicide. There was no evidence of suicide or murder for that matter, but the WhatsApp Message sent from his mobile on the WhatsApp group became the prima facie evidence, for the police as well as media. Now the question here is, If Prakash committed suicide as mentioned in the WhatsApp Message, due to the harassment from one Tahir and Wilson Godinho? or he was murdered? Let’s take a look at this report.

The WhatsApp messages and social media posts go viral within no time and whatever written or shown in it becomes the feed for the media but there is always a possibility of another angle for the story and this story is surely not what most of the media portals and WhatsApp groups have mentioned.

According to the media reports, 46-year-old Prakash Naik from Merces has killed himself after sending a message on the WhatsApp group. He apparently shot himself in the head with his licensed revolver. In his suicide note which he sent to his sister and a WhatsApp group, He named two people, Tahir and Wilson Godinho, who according to his WhatsApp message were responsible for his death.

The mysterious death of Prakash Naik revealed that Goa is no more the safe and peaceful place it used to be and people have started taking extreme measures and going to any extent of harassment that prompt someone to commit suicide.

Deceased Prakash named two people, first Wilson Godinho Brother of Cabinet Minister Mouvin Godinho and Tahir, a businessman from Panaji who was allegedly harassing him due to which he took the extreme step of killing himself.

According to the reports, no one was there with the deceased Prakash when the incident took place, he was alone in his bedroom on the first floor of his Bungalow situated in Voilem Bhat, Merces.

The last WhatsApp Message Prakash Naik Sent on the Group

According to his sister, she came running when she received the WhatsApp message but by the time she reached there Prakash was no more, he was lying on the bed motionless, with his right hand placed on his chest and revolver nearby his body. His sister who was in a state of shock called an ambulance and took Prakash to GMC but the doctor declared him dead on arrival.

The news report published on the local daily suggested that When the incident took place Prakash was alone in his bedroom on the first floor while his driver and maid were on the ground floor of the bungalow. The maid apparently heard the sound of the gunshot and she came out running from the house to check the source of sound but she did not find anything and went back inside and continued her work.

Presently the situation is such that most of the media and police believe that Prakash had shot himself with his revolver while the family members of Prakash does not agree with the reports and they are demanding the transparent investigation through crime branch. The postmortem report is still not declared by the GMC doctors and as alleged by the family members of Prakash the police did not put the sniffer dogs in the operation nor they took the fingerprints on the gun, although they attached the mobile phones for the forensic reports.

The case will remain in the dark until the forensic and post mortem reports comes out and police do the transparent investigations in this case. We will be following this case closely and keep you updated with the latest developments. Please do share your views on this story. What do you think? Did Prakash Naik committed suicide or he was murdered?   

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