Body Goof up At Goa District Hospital; Body of Quepem Youth Handed Over To a Family From Verna

Covid Patient Body Goof-up

The body goof up is not new practice at the Government run Hospitals in Goa, there was an indecent in the past wherein the body of Aldona youth was disposed off by the GMC staff mistaking it as an unclaimed body of a migrant. 

This time the body goof up took place at the South Goa District Hospital, wherein the body of a Quepem youth was handed over to a family from Verna, who supposed to have took the body of someone else and reached home with it. 

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According to the report, this is second time that the south Goa District Hospital has done such goof up by handing over two bodies of Covid deceased to their kin on Sunday. 

South Goa district hospital, Margao, had another goof-up in Sources said one of the bodies was handed over to the wrong family, leaving both distraught. Both the deceased were of similar built and had worn similar clothes. 

The personnel mistakenly handed over the body of a Quepem resident to the family of the other deceased from Verna. The mistake was realised only after the Quepem family came to the hospital to claim the body. 

The issue was resolved after the Verna family returned to the hospital with the wrong body. This is the second such case of a goof-up in identification of the deceased at the hospital. 

In the earlier case that occurred over a week ago, the family of the patient was intimated about his death, only to later realise that the patient was very much alive and undergoing treatment in a Covid ward.

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