Body of Aldona Youth Goes Missing From GMC Mortuary – Foul Play Suspected

In one of the most shocking incidents that ever took place in Goa, the dead body of a 24-year-old youth from Aldona went missing, with GMC authorities claiming that the hospital disposed off the body of the Aldona youth in place of another un-claimed body. Now the question is, what kind of system does GMC follow during the handing over of unclaimed bodies to the relatives, and how do they distinguish claimed bodies from the unclaimed ones? Has the mismanagement at the GMC gone to such a low level wherein they do not bother about the consequences? Or is there an existence of organ transplant of the dead bodies that come into the GMC mortuary? 

Meanwhile, to save the face of GMC, three doctors were suspended from GMC for their alleged involvement into the missing body of the Aldona youth due to their careless behavior. “Goa government has ordered an inquiry. Head of the Anatomy department and staff involved in this will be suspended,” said Health Minister Vishwajit Rane.

According to the sources, the body of the youth was brought to GMC after he collapsed while playing football on the ground. He was brought to the trauma department where he was declared as brought dead and his body was preserved in a mortuary.

The deceased Januz Pavel Gonsalves, the graphic designer by profession and doing photography on freelance basis belonged to a lovely village called Aldona and had gone to play Football with his friends. While playing he developed severe chest pain and collapsed on the ground. Later he was shifted to GMC where he was declared as brain dead.

Since many of the relatives of the deceased stay abroad, the family decided to keep his body at GMC Mortuary. This week, when the family came down to claim Junaz’s body they found the body missing and on further investigation, it was revealed that the body of Junaz was mistakenly handed over to the CCP for disposing off considering it as an unclaimed body. The family members of the deceased were taken back with shock and could not react to the situation. His family was in for a rude shock, when they were told to take away a container of the young deceased’s ashes, when they arrived at the GMC morgue on Saturday to collect his body for a funeral. 

According to the reports, it is suspected to be an organ harvesting and transplant case, which came into light a few months back at GMC and the Goa health ministry had ordered a probe into it. The missing Aldona boy is suspected to be a part of a similar case and the family of the deceased has decided to file a police complaint in this regard. While the Health Ministry has ordered a probe and suspended the head of the anatomy section of the state’s biggest hospital, questions are now being asked whether the disappearance of a dead body is linked to any organ transplant racket at GMC.

This was posted on social media by one of the concern persons and this does not seem to be wrong at all. “If mistakes like this or disposal of unidentified bodies, even when they are clearly well identified, happens frequently, it reminds me of a case in Portugal where bodies of healthy youngsters were disappearing mysteriously and later found to be part of an organ trafficking scheme being sent to Switzerland. This episode sounds weird to me likewise.”

This case is one of a kind to take place at Goa’s topmost medical institution and it is a most shameful matter for the authorities and department as it displays the high level of mismanagement and corruption. It is highly shocking for the family of the deceased to lose their young one this way. The death of Januz was the first shock for them but a bigger shock was given by GMC by disposing off the body of the deceased as an unclaimed body.

This may not be the first case of GMC’s mismanagement but this is surely the first one that came to light. If something like this keeps happening and the doctors and staff started calling it an error then who will trust GMC? There is a need for the thorough investigation into the highhanded corrupt practices that are on in GMC of which this is just a small part. What is your opinion on this case? Do you believe that there is a possibility of organ harvesting and transplant in this case too? Please share your valuable feedback on this serious issue. 

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