Betalbatim Murder Case Update – The Accused Reveals A Reason Behind Brutal Murder of 50-Year-Old Baptista D’Costa

The Betalbatim murder case which was cracked by the Colva police within the record time of 48 hours by arresting a 21-Year-Old Amman Kavatiya, Native of Gujarat but presently residing in Colva, has subjected to some shocking revelations by the accused. On 22nd January, the half-naked body of Baptista was recovered by Police from famous Lover’s Beach in Betalbatim, South Goa and the angle of murder had become evident, but after the arrest of the accused, some shocking facts came into the light…

According to the Colva police, Accused Amman has narrated that he killed the deceased Baptista due to the sexual harassment. “The accused has Alleged that the deceased Baptista used to sexually Assault him on regular basis. This kept going on for few months.   It has been alleged that the deceased used to take an accused on the beach at Late Night, and have unnatural sex with him due to which the accused decided to take a revenge,” said the sources in Colva police.

The accused also asserted that he was initially paid by the deceased for having an unnatural sex with him but, later on, the deceased denied paying and started blackmailing him, saying that he will expose the accused before his girlfriend. said the police sources.

Getting tired with the regular sexual assault on him, and blackmailing by the deceased, the accused decided to take a range, and accordingly, on a Saturday night, he went with deceased laced with Knife, and after having few drinks, when the deceased started his ill deeds, the accused took out the knife and stabbed in the neck of deceased bleeding him profusely.

The accused also stabbed him several times till the deceased fell to the ground and died. Later on, the accused decamped with the cash and gold ornaments of the deceased Baptista. This is one of the most shocking revelations made by the accused which reveals the character of deceased. The police will be doing an investigation to find out more facts behind the murder of Baptista, said the sources.   


It has become now evident that most of the crimes take place out of the sexual orientation, and in some cases due to the personal enmity or financial disputes. The crimes involving opposite sex is common but this is one of the rarest cases of murder due to Unnatural sex. What are your views on this news article? Please share your suggestions on it.


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