Babush Monseratte getting special treatment in the custody claims report

This is not the new story in our country as everyone knows how the politicians and high-profile criminals have been treated while they are in the police custody and Babush is not the exception to it. Based on the available information from the reliable sources, Babush is apparently getting a special treatment inside the lockup. What this special treatment means? and what are the privileges beleaguered St. Cruz MLA is enjoying while in the custody? Read this report to know more.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The Indian constitution says that law is equal to all and no one is above the law. But is that really practiced in our country? Politicians, businessmen, and high profile criminals defy the gravity of the law in our country. They enjoy the special privileges. Whether it is the bailing out or the sentence, in either case, they somehow manage to escape the rule.

Something similar seems to be happening with presently under arrest Babush Monseratte. According to the news published by TOI Babush Monseratte is getting a special treatment in the custody at the crime branch where is he presently lodged. Based on the sources, while in the police custody, Babush is meeting his supporters and talking on the phone with top BJP leaders as he used to do when he was outside.

The report says that Babush has been allowed to make calls from his cellphone to some of the top BJP leaders to help him out, in this case, the story does not end here, further, it is reported that on the behest of a senior politician he has been provided with bed sheet too.

According to one senior BJP leader, Babush is in touch with some top leaders requesting them to help him out. “While in police custody, the St Cruz MLA has been in touch with our top leaders for help, but they have told him that they cannot intervene in the matter,” he told the media.


When media asked the crime branch superintendent of police Karthik Kashyap about the issue he denied of giving any such privileges to Monseratte. “He is being treated just like any other normal accused,” he told the media.

Babush Monseratte, who is facing the charges of a rape of a 16-year-old girl is presently in the police custody which will expire on Monday and police will produce him before the magistrate for further remand if needed.

While everything is said and done, Monseratte’s friends and supporters are allowed to meet him so much so that during the recording of his statement under 161 CrPC two of his close aides were allowed to sit next to him. Also, police have allowed Monserrate to use a cell phone while in custody, sources said.

Clarifying to the allegations one of the senior police officers told the media that since there are many Babush supporters in the vicinity of the crime branch office and all another place wherever he has taken for the interrogations or medical examination it is quite possible that he used someone’s phone. “He must have used somebody’s cell phone,” the officer said.

Several Monserrate supporters were seen outside the crime branch on Saturday too while some of them even claim to have told the media that they are hopeful of getting the help from BJP leaders in this case.

Further according to the report, one of the senior politician had called up the crime branch asking them as how Monseratte could be kept in a custody and directed the police to provide him with bed sheet saying that, Taleigao heavyweight politician is not used to living in such conditions and police made the arrangement of bed sheet for the St. Cruz MLA. This is not the normal practice, the accused in the police custody are not provided with the luxury of a bed sheet.

In our country people help each other may it be police or politician as they never know when will be their turn. Most of the things according to them is always politically motivated. This entire thing summarizes into one and that is a defense of politically connected and high profile criminals is ‘this is all framed and politically motivated’ once that is said, there is no further defense needed to prove their point. You can leave your honest comments and suggestions on this serious issue.

Source: TOI


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